Oct 19, 2004

Seagate's New Gymnasium Promotes a Healthy Lifestyle for Employees

Yeoh Teik Guan, a Senior Traffic Administrator at Seagate makes it a point to run around his neighbourhood for 45 minutes at least three times a week.

"It helps me maintain my cardiovascular fitness and indirectly helps me train for the occasional running competitions that I sign up for."

Unfortunately, he also has to vie for space with the enthusiastic children who cycle up and down the narrow trail.

For Sukri Saad, a Senior Engineering Specialist, his membership with a reputable local gymnasium is far from being utilized given the fact that he has to make the long drive to the gymnasium from the office and at the same time battle with rush-hour traffic.

"I'm not getting value for the monthly membership fees which I have to fork out," laments Sukri.

But now, these fitness buffs have the luxury of exercising at a time of their choice without having to grapple with the constraints they used to face.

Penang Seagate Industries (M) Sdn Bhd, where both Yeoh and Sukri work, recently opened an in-house gymnasium for the benefit of its 2,800 employees. The gymnasium is fully equipped with the latest exercise equipment and is available to employees from 6 a.m. to midnight each day.

John Marshall, vice president and general manager of Penang Seagate said, "This new gym is another example of how Seagate values the health and well-being of its employees. We believe in providing the best facilities for our employees and at present, we probably have one of the finest privately owned gyms in Penang."

The gym has been a big hit with fitness-minded employees with almost 73 percent of them signing-up for membership within the first month of its opening.

"The gym is a huge success. It is often used during the lunch hour and after office hours. In addition, off-shift employees would come in throughout the day to use it," said Tan Leong Hooi, executive director of Manufacturing.

The gym's opening is also timely with the company's nine-month long weight management program themed "Lose Weight, Feel Great."

Penang Seagate's Medical Director Dr. R.Mageswari said that employees could approach the in-house clinic to obtain a diet program suited to their needs and medical profile.

"By improving both eating habits and exercise patterns, employees are now more in control of their health and lifestyle," she said.

According to Marshall, employees are free to use to the gymnasium anytime before or after work hours or even during their lunch break.

In addition to the gymnasium, Penang Seagate also has a sepaktakraw court cum volleyball court and an indoor recreation room with facilities to play table tennis, chess, carom and other board games.

"With the positive elements of work-life balance and healthy eating habits combined, we hope our employees will tackle their jobs with added enthusiasm and focus as we continue to be the leading provider of storage technologies and services," added Marshall.

As for Yeoh and Sukri, they are now able to divide time between work and exercise more efficiently as the place to burn-up calories is only a short-walk away from their desks.

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