Oct 19, 1999

Seagate's New SeaTools Makes Computer System Troubleshooting Easy

Unveiling another unique element in its 3D Defense System to provide enhanced disc drive reliability and data protection, Seagate Technology, Inc. (NYSE:SEG) today introduced SeaTools - new standalone software that lets computer users quickly and easily diagnose the health of any disc drive. SeaTools disc diagnostic software empowers Seagate customers and end-users to positively identify the source of system issues often mistakenly attributed to the disc drive - helping to protect customers' data and avoiding the expense and hassle of returning a healthy disc drive. SeaTools is the industry's first tool to provide diagnostic guidance beyond disc drive-related issues, helping users to protect information at risk due to file system or other computer system issues.

"SeaTools provides a first line of defense when a PC system's health needs to be checked," said Ralph McLaughlin, Seagate senior vice president of Quality for Storage Products. "When a system is experiencing problems - or simply during regular maintenance checks - SeaTools provides users and technical support staff with a report and a call to action. SeaTools will ease troubleshooting for PC end users, corporate IT support staff, systems administrators, PC maker technical support, and computer repair specialty shops."

"When confronted with an end-user's system problem, many PC makers and resellers are asked to replace the disc drive, whether the drive was faulty or not," continued McLaughlin. "The impact of this action can be serious - the customer risks potential data loss from removing the drive from the system, and unnecessary lost time while restoring information to a new drive. SeaTools helps end-users and PC support staff accurately diagnose and repair problems with a PC. By using SeaTools, consumers and technical support can eliminate these unnecessary risks - and increase customer satisfaction."

SeaTools is designed to dramatically reduce costs to channel partners related to service calls and drive returns. In many cases, the first recourse to system problems is to remove and return the drive. However, the disc drive is generally not the problem. The drives returned to Seagate which turn up with no problem found, causes unnecessary expense to resellers and distributors and potentially lost data for end-users. Returning a healthy drive just doesn't make sense. By using SeaTools, helpdesk personnel, PC makers and resellers will decrease the time it takes to pinpoint and diagnose a system issue, reducing downtime and the risk to a customer's valuable data.

SeaTools is simple and speedy to operate. When a user suspects a problem with a PC system or hard drive, the customer simply runs SeaTools from a floppy drive. SeaTools is intuitive - requiring just a few keystrokes from the user and no technical knowledge. SeaTools will immediately help the consumer, support technician or PC maker understand whether the disc drive is having problems or if a problem lies elsewhere in the computer system.

SeaTools runs a full array of tests, checking for data compiled by Seagate's SMART and Drive Self Test systems. Then it reports the results to the user, pointing out the source of any problems. If the disc drive proves to be functioning normally, SeaTools suggests how to work through many OS, file system, partitioning and other system issues. If data was lost, SeaTools provides helpful tips for recovering that information.

SeaTools is unique because it works with all Seagate's current and legacy ATA and SCSI drives and other manufacturers' drives. SeaTools is available at no cost for Seagate customers.

SeaTools is the latest enhancement to Seagate's 3D Defense System, helping make Seagate drives the toughest in the industry. The system encompasses Drive defense, Data defense, and Diagnostic defense:

  • Advanced handling and ESD protection - prevents damage to sensitive electronics during installation
  • Installation aids - simplify and speed installation for end users, PC makers and system integrators
  • Shock protection - increases drive ruggedness and reliability to protect user information
  • Data integrity features - predict, identify and correct potential data errors before they occur
  • Diagnostic toolbox - helps user monitor performance and enables intelligent self diagnosis by the drive

SeaTools disc diagnostic software will ship with all Seagate disc drives, and can also be found on Seagate's website at http://www.seagate.com/support/npf/index.html


For further information contact:
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Woody Monroy, (831) 439-2838

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