Aug 07, 2003

Seagate And The Thai Robotics Society To Hold 2nd Robocup Thailand Championship

BANGKOK, Thailand - Seagate Technology (Thailand) Limited and the Thai Robotics Society today announce that the first round of the 2nd annual Robocup Thailand Championship will be held October 25-26, 2003. Eight teams will be selected from this first round, with a subsequent final round to select the team which gets to represent Thailand at the worldwide RoboCup 2004 competition to be held in Portugal next year.

Associate Professor Dr. Manukid Parnichkul, president of the Thai Robotics Society, said, "The Robocup Thailand Championship 2003 is a significant opportunity for Thai youths to learn and demonstrate their capabilities in this exciting field at the national level, with further opportunity for the winner to enter international competition. At the worldwide Robocup event which just concluded, Thailand's Plasma Z team did very well and signaled to the world that our students have a lot to offer."

In recent years, Thai youths have taken part in several similar events such as the International Robot Competition which was held in Japan in 2001 and RoboCup 2003 which was held in Italy this year, enabling them to meet leading robotics experts from around the world.

Supar Phokachaipat, Seagate senior director of Corporate Communications said, "The joint effort between Seagate and the Thai Robotics Society to hold the 2nd Thailand Robocup Championship is designed to enhance the technical and scientific skills of Thai students. This event provides young people with the opportunity to explore this field and learn from scientific minds throughout the country, and indeed, the entire world."

"The winning team will receive a cash prize worth 100,000 baht and will represent Thailand at the RoboCup 2004 held in Portugal next year," added Phokachaipat. "Winners are selected for their distinction in technique and innovation, and the second and third place teams will be rewarded with cash prizes worth 50,000 and 30,000 baht, respectively. The remaining teams that make up the eight finalist will be awarded 20,000 baht per team."

The two rounds of competition include the selection and final rounds. In the selection round, contestants will be required to build one robot which must maneuver around barriers and kick a football into a goal within five minutes. The top eight teams with the highest scores will be selected to take part in the final round of competition.

In the final round, contestants will be divided into two groups. Each group will be divided into four teams and all teams will be competing with each other. Each team must produce five small robots to take part in a football match against another 5 robots from another team. The team of five robots that scores the most goals in a 20-minute match wins.

Thai nationality contestants studying in the diploma, the bachelor's degree or higher levels are eligible for applications. In addition, each team should consist of three members and one advisor. Interested applicants may apply and search for more information about rules and regulations as well as other information at

The Thai Robotics Society (TRS) was founded in 2000 by a group of academicians, researchers, and industrial people, who are involved in robotics. TRS missions are to promote, publicize, and enhance understanding for robotics technology, to promote, support and initiate academic activities for the development of robotics technology, to set up activities in robotics standard and safety, to serve as a center of technical information and technology transfer, to support collaboration among members, to liaise with both Thai and overseas robotics agencies and to generate academic consortium in order to promote graduated studies in robotics and automation. You may contact the Thai Robotics Society at

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