Jun 02, 1999

Seagate Breaks Another Technology Record: Demonstrates 105,000 Track-Per-Inch Recording Density

Seagate Technology, Inc. (NYSE:SEG) today achieved another breakthrough in storage technology by demonstrating the ability to record 105,000 concentric tracks of data on a disc within the space of an inch (2.54 cm), enabled by a high-speed, two-stage head positioning system. This unprecedented track density is the equivalent of writing 420 rows of text in the thickness of a sheet of paper and represents an eight-fold increase compared to the storage track density of conventional hard disc drives shipping today. Track density is a key metric in determining the storage capacity of a disc drive.

"The breakthrough demonstrated by Seagate is very significant and promises to have a dramatic impact on the future face of storage technology," said Tom Porter, Seagate's Chief Technical Officer. "With the 105,000 track-per-inch capability shown in this technology demonstration, it would be possible to record 36 gigabytes on a single, two-sided disc, or an equivalent of 25 Gbits/square inch, if applied to conventional drive technology."

Seagate's OAW architecture provides a number of key technologies that afford several different solutions to the upcoming challenges in increasing the storage capacity of disc drives. Key components of the demonstration included a fibre-directed laser beam, a micro-positioning mirror integrated onto a hybrid opto-magnetic recording head, a micro-focusing lens, and a patterned polycarbonate plastic disc. A position error of only 1.2 microinches was measured. This is sufficiently accurate to provide a track density of 105,000 tracks-per-inch.

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