Feb 01, 2000

Seagate Customers Praise SeaShell as Proven Money-Saver and Robust Solution

Seagate customers are applauding the world's toughest disc drives, and the ingenious new SeaShell packaging that gives Seagate products unmatched protection from bangs and jolts during handling. Recent customer experiences clearly establish that the SeaShell reduces damage to disc drives and saves customers money and time. Distributors, resellers and OEMs have embraced Seagate's new packaging, and are impressed with SeaShell's unique advantage over traditional packaging - a ten-fold reduction in the shock experienced by a disc drive and a resistance to over 1,000 Gs.

"Seagate's efforts to provide the World's Toughest Drive are extremely successful and showing great results," said Steve Luczo, Seagate president and CEO. "We've taken strides that can't be matched by our competitors. SeaShell dramatically cuts the incidence of drive damage, thereby reducing the risk that an impaired drive might inadvertently be installed in a PC, and in turn preventing the loss of user data that is often priceless and irreplaceable. Our customers tell us SeaShell has simplified processes, improved productivity, and reduced their returns caused by handling damage by as much as 70%. The result for our customers is a lower cost of doing business and higher profits; the result for Seagate is increased customer satisfaction."

Bell Microproducts is now saving more than $45,000 every quarter because of SeaShell, and expects those savings to continue and perhaps to grow. "SeaShell offers an important, new benefit to our operations," said Bob Sturgeon, vice president of Operations at Bell Micro. "Our products are available at various levels of integration - from raw components to subsystem assemblies to fully integrated, tested and certified system solutions. With the reduced chance of damage to the drives, plus increased efficiency due to the way the new packaging is processed and handled, SeaShell's unprecedented level of protection ensures safe delivery of Seagate product to our customers, along with an ongoing financial benefit."

"One of the key reasons we've decided to go with Seagate is for the superior ruggedness SeaShell provides," said Hugh Roberts, director of Technical Operations for Megabyte International Corporation (MIC), a computer manufacturer, value added reseller, and service provider. "We don't sell one or two drives at a time - these drives go into PC systems that we build ourselves for the government, so we depend on them to be reliable. Before SeaShell, we were buying drives from a Seagate competitor, and we were seeing increasing drive failures. Since we started using Seagate drives with SeaShell, we've been most impressed with the sudden reduction in DOA units. We've gone from seeing around a ten percent failure rate to almost nothing - I don't know that we've seen even one Seagate drive come back from a client."

Before MIC adopted Seagate drives with SeaShell packaging, the company had to stock 10 extra hard drives for every 100 it bought, just to maintain enough inventory to deal with the drives that failed due to handling damage. Roberts expects the savings from SeaShell to be significant. "We're going to save a lot at the back-end, not having to spend money and hours on returned material and all the record keeping that entails."

"Only Seagate's SeaShell provides a 10-fold reduction in the amount of shock transmitted to a drive during a 12-inch drop. Nobody else has come up with this kind of protection," said Viral Doshi, vice president of Operations at ComputerMAX Warehouse, Inc., Central Florida's largest leading provider of information technology products, services and solutions. "The introduction of SeaShell has literally dropped the ratio of returned material to under one percent, from a previous average of perhaps 8 to 10 percent before SeaShell.

"SeaShell makes the product much easier to handle and ship; in the past we added extra layers of packing when reshipping drives to our customers. Now the SeaShell takes care of the protection, and packaging is much simpler, improving efficiency and saving time and money at the warehouse," continued Doshi. "Seagate's innovation has helped ComputerMAX Warehouse fulfill our mission - to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction, offering the best combination of leading-edge technology, price, quality, service and support to our valued customers."

Recent demonstration drop tests conducted for customers showed clearly and visually that a disc drive wrapped only in an anti-static ESD bag experienced ten times the shock compared to a drive protected by SeaShell. A Seagate engineer dropped two disc drives from a height of 12 inches; one drive was wrapped in the traditional anti-static ESD bag; a second drive was encased in Seagate's exclusive SeaShell. Customers saw the shocking results on a computer screen: the ESD-wrapped drive suffered between 1,000 and 1,500 Gs, but the SeaShell-protected drive felt only 50 to 150 Gs - well within a Seagate drive's ability to endure without damage.

PC World conducted similar drop tests on a Seagate drive using SeaShell. The reviewer dropped the drive 12 inches onto a hard table, then knocked the drive off the table 30 inches onto a carpeted floor. After installing the drive, "It ran flawlessly, and it was still going strong after running a nonstop disk diagnostic for more than 24 hours," said the magazine.

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