Nov 24, 1997

Seagate Garners Industry Accolades at Comdex Trade Show

Seagate Technology, Inc. (NYSE:SEG) garnered several industry accolades at the just-ended Fall/COMDEX 1997 trade show in Las Vegas, including awards for its disc drive products and a high-tech industry Hall of Fame award for chairman and chief executive officer Alan F. Shugart.

Seagate's Medalist Pro 9140, the first 7,200 RPM Ultra ATA disc drive for desktop computers, won the prestigious PC Computing magazine MVP award for its product category. According to PC Computing, "the Seagate Medalist Pro 9140 is simply the fastest jumbo (ATA) drive you can buy. Thanks to new data-encoding technology, it packs 9.1Gbyte onto a single (3.5-inch) disk drive. And the fluid-bearing motor spins the platters at 7,200 rpm, on par with SCSI drives."

PC Computing also bestowed a coveted MVP award on Seagate's Barracuda 9, 3.5-inch disc drive for network storage applications. "The venerable Barracuda is still the drive your server needs, thanks to its UltraSCSI or Fibre Channel interface, 8msec seek time, and 100Mbps average transfer rate," stated PC Computing. "If a blazing 9Gbyte drive just won't cut it, watch out for Seagate's new 18Gbyte Barracuda, due out any time."

Boot magazine gave the Seagate Cheetah disc drive its "Kick Ass Award," and will feature the product in its upcoming January 1998 issue. The Cheetah drive reviewed by Boot is the world's first 10,000 RPM drive, featuring 4.5 Gbyte and 9.1 Gbyte of capacity in a 3.5-inch form factor. According to Boot, the Seagate Cheetah is "the fastest drive ever to arrive in the bootLab. . .and the average seek was measured at an eye-popping 5.1 msec, a number well below the promised 7.5 msec Seagate spec." Last month, Seagate introduced the second-generation Cheetah family, featuring 18 Gbyte and low-profile 9 Gbyte, 3.5-inch models.

Alan F. Shugart, Seagate founder, chairman and CEO, was one of 15 luminaries inducted into the Industry Hall of Fame, created by the Computer Museum and Computer Reseller News magazine. "The individuals responsible for laying the foundation for the new Information Age are remarkable people who deserve to be recognized for their outstanding accomplishments," wrote Elliot Markowitz, CRN executive editor. "The purpose is to honor selected individuals for their impact on the industry and, therefore, the world." Other inductees included Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer of Microsoft, Andy Grove of Intel, Rod Canion of Compaq and Bill Hewlett of Hewlett-Packard.

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