May 08, 2006

Seagate Hard Disc Drives Support "Five Rings of Moscow" Cycle Race

MOSCOW - Seagate Technology (NYSE:STX), the world's number one hard drive maker, will support the annual "Five Rings of Moscow" cycle race which will be held between 2 May and 11 May. Seagate will provide the Five Rings organizing committee with hard drives to record, back up and transfer data connected with the event.

"We are happy to collaborate with Seagate Technology during the Five Rings racing cup. Seagate has solved two of our biggest problems - the safety of event data and of video recordings. The large capacity of Seagate's disc drives gives us an opportunity to save all data on one drive and push only one button for back up," said former Olympic champion in cycling, Alexander Gusyatnikov, president of the Russian Cycling Federation. "We shoot videos of our events and training sessions. One training video can take up to 4GB of storage capacity and we believe that Seagate's Pocket Drive, with its 5GB capacity, is the ideal solution for everyday information transfer."

The organizing committee produces a huge volume of information during the competition. They save data, record the racing, compile the results, create videos of the training sessions and competitions. To support these activities, Seagate has provided different kinds of hard disc drives:

Barracuda 7200.9 500GB, SATA - installed in Organizing committee office computers and secure local data solutions.
Momentus 5400.3 160 GB, with perpendicular recording, installed in notebooks which compile the results on the start, finish and during events.
Seagate 160 GB Portable Hard Drive is the best solutions for easy data transition for trainers and federation representatives from one place to another.
Seagate 5GB Pocket Drive - the smallest hard drive saves everyday sports training videos and photos.

"We are proud to be a partner of the Five Rings cycle race. We know that video analysis helps athletes to improve their performance. High speed and capacity are the common features which guarantee top position to both Seagate and athletes," Regina Israel, Corporate Communications executive, Seagate.

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