Oct 10, 2003

Seagate Holds Annual Dinner To Celebrate Employee Achievements

PENANG, Malaysia - "We Turn On Ideas" was the theme for Penang Seagate's Annual Dinner this year. Over 3,000 Seagate employees attended the 4-night event held at Shangri-la hotel.

Mr. John Marshall, VP/GM of Seagate's Penang Slider Operations congratulated and thanked the employees for their outstanding achievements. Penang Seagate has not only achieved all its goals for the year, but also won several awards and recognition from the Company's corporate office in the U.S.

As the theme of the dinner was "We Turn On Ideas," innovation and creativity were seen in the employees' performances. It was also evident in the self-made costumes of employees who took part in the "Star of the Nite" contest. Celebrating the ideas of efficiency and social responsibility, which Seagate has become known for, most employees created their costumes from recycled materials that cost them nothing. Champions each night took home RM500.00 cash prizes, and employees let their hair down as they participated in several games such as 'spot the faces,' 'start piling now,' and the 'magic carpet.'

Talented Penang Seagate employees performed in dances and musical numbers such as Music Extravaganza, Boria, Bollywood Dance, Para-para Sakura, Malay dance and Lion dance. Cheers and laughter reverberated around the ballroom when members of the management team and special guests performed impromptu dances on stage.

To add excitement, over 100 lucky draw and 60 table draw prizes were up for grabs each night. A majority of the employees went home with at least one prize and enough memories to last until next year's event.

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