Jun 07, 2006

Seagate Introduces New Consumer Solutions for Managing Your Digital Content

SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif. - Seagate Technology (NYSE:STX) today introduced the next generation Seagate Mirra Sync and Share Personal Server and the miniature yet massive Seagate 8.0GB Pocket Drive - two award-winning solutions that allow consumers to easily enjoy an on-demand world of digital content. Seagate is also announcing that two of its new branded solutions products, the 500GB eSATA External Hard Drive and 750GB Pushbutton Hard Drive are now available on retail shelves. These new products provide important solutions for consumers to manage, protect and better enjoy the massive amounts of digital content they are generating from taking digital photos, downloading digital music, and creating movies and videos.

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The digital lifestyle is becoming much more pervasive today and the need for storage has increased tremendously. Seagate's new digital content solutions provide the ability to aggregate massive amounts of data on products that are smaller and more affordable than ever before. It's now possible to speed data transfer between external drive and PC up to five times faster! It's possible to continuously protect files as they are created on both Macs and PCs. It's possible to easily carry eight gigabytes of movies or games in the pocket of your jeans. And it's possible to have 3/4 of a Terabyte of digital content fit in the same desk space as a tape dispenser.

"Seagate is creating a new infrastructure for the on-demand world," said Jim Druckrey, senior vice president and general manager, Seagate Branded Solutions. "This will allow consumers to make the most of their active digital lifestyles, whether they are at work or play, for entertainment, business or learning."

Your Digital Content...Any Time, Anywhere
Seagate's Mirra Sync and Share Personal Server is the next generation of the award-winning Mirra Personal Server 2.0. The Mirra Sync and Share offers long awaited Macintosh compatibility, making it the best way to sync, share and protect data between Macs and PCs. Perfect for SOHO, small businesses and homes with multiple computers, the Mirra Sync and Share Personal Server allows remote access to digital content from anywhere, anytime via the Internet while maintaining its in-network functions of data protection, file synchronization and sharing between multiple computers. The Seagate Mirra Sync and Share Personal Server is the only product that combines a suite of content protection features as well as free online user accounts allowing secure remote access and file sharing with family, friends and colleagues. Also, with this next generation Mirra, users will experience greatly improved PC system performance, folder download and photo slideshow features, in additional to free software upgrade for all Mirra Personal Server 2.0 users.

25% More in Your Pocket
Never before could you fit eight gigabytes worth of digital content into your pocket - Seagate's 8.0GB Pocket Drive changes all of that. At 8.0GB of capacity, you can carry serious storage on-the-go, such as 2560 digital photos, 133 hours of digital music, eight hours of digital video, or four computer games - all in the palm of your hand or jeans pocket. The 8.0GB Pocket Drive is an indispensable tool for your on-demand world, when it's imperative to have your digital content with you, whenever and wherever you are.

A Digital Vault on Your Desk
The world's first 3/4 Terabyte external hard drive - the Seagate 750GB Pushbutton Hard Drive has begun shipping to retail outlets worldwide. It is the most convenient way for consumers to store all of their treasured digital content. Taking up no more desk space than a tape dispenser, the Seagate 750GB can hold all of the following: a 15,000 song music library, a 15,000 photo image library, a 50 hour home video collection, a 25 DVD movie collection, a collection of 50 computer games, and still have 300GB left over to back-up a desktop and laptop computer. What would take up an entire house in analog form, can now reside in a sleek, stylish design that sits on, not under, your desk.

Work on Digital Projects Up to Five Times Faster
The Seagate 500GB and 300GB eSATA External Hard Drives provide external data capacity and protection with speeds up to a 300MB/s (or 3Gb/s) interface rate - that's up to five times faster than traditional external storage interfaces such as USB 2.0 and 1394a. Seagate eSATA Pushbutton Hard Drives are advanced, high speed solutions for desktop systems, entry-level servers or digital video or audio workstations needing fast, reliable single drive speed or even faster, larger, multi-drive capacities. With up to 500GB of capacity, the eSATA Pushbutton Hard Drive is capable of holding up to 8,330 hours of digital music, 160,000 digital photos, 500 hours of digital video and 250 exciting games. It comes with a PCI adaptor card to upgrade PCs to the high-speed eSATA interface.

Availability and Pricing
The Seagate 320GB and 500GB Mirra Sync and Share Personal Servers will start shipping in June 2006 and will retail for $499 and $599, respectively. The Seagate 8.0GB Pocket Drive will begin shipping in July 2006 and will retail for $149. The Seagate 750GB Pushbutton Backup Hard Drive is currently shipping and retails for $559. The Seagate 300GB and 500GB eSATA External Hard Drives are currently shipping and retail for $269 and $399 respectively.

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