Jul 06, 2005

Seagate Kicks Off Sales of Retail Products in Korea

SEOUL, Korea - Seagate Technology (NYSE: STX), the worldwide leader in hard disc drives, today announced that it has kicked off sales of its retail products in the Korean market, through both online and offline shopping malls and stores.

With one of the industry's broadest product lines, Seagate's offering of retail hard drive solutions includes its USB 2.0 Pocket Hard Drive (1-inch / 2.5GB, 5GB), Portable External HDD (2.5-inch / 40, 60, 80, 100, 120GB), External HDD (3.5-inch / 80GB-500GB) and CompactFlash Photo Hard Drive (4GB, 8GB).

Large resellers such as Dowoo Info Inc., Hardrive Inc., Yongjin Tech Inc., SG Computer Co., Ltd, Top Computer Ltd, MH Computer Co., Ltd., ST Technology Co., Ltd., Click Nara Inc., SCSI n All Co., Ltd., Ace Teck Inc. (Daejeon) and Dayoung Information Communication Ltd. (Busan) are offering Seagate's line of retail storage products. End-users can also easily purchase these Seagate products from major online shopping malls such as GS Home Shopping (www.gseshop.co.kr), LOTTE .com Inc. (www.lotte.com), Icoda Inc. (www.icoda.co.kr) and EZ Guide Inc. (www.ezguide.co.kr).

Daewon Computer, one of Seagate's authorized local distributors, will also launch the Seagate retail products in some of the top large format retailers in Korea including Homeplus (SAMSUNGTESCO CO., LTD) and Hi Mart (Hi-mart Co., Ltd.).

Seagate USB 2.0 Pocket Hard Drive
The Seagate USB 2.0 Pocket Hard Drive, which has just won the Consumer Electronics Show Innovation Award for 2005, is the world's first 5GB hard drive truly small enough to fit in a pocket or backpack. The Pocket Hard Drive is a cool-looking, sleek round shell with a robust design and high-shock tolerance-enabling mobility and making it as convenient as a traditional USB thumb drive but with an incredible 5GB of storage in a USB 2.0 bus powered design. The Pocket Drive is the convenient way to carry digital music (up to 74 hours), photos (up to 4,000 1MB images), digital video (up to 4.5 hours) and business files. Its 5-GB capacity enables users to store far more than USB thumb drives at similar price points - making it a very cost-effective storage alternative.

Seagate Portable External Hard Drive
Seagate's newest cool, rugged Portable External Hard Drive will offer FireWire (IEEE 1394a) and USB 2.0 interfaces and up to 120GB of capacity - the most in its class - in a package small and light enough to carry in a briefcase, purse, backpack or pocket. Weighing less than one pound (300 grams), the drive's low power consumption, shock-absorbing aluminum enclosure and small size make it perfect for consumers and business travelers needing convenient, safe, on-the-go storage for volumes of personal and business files, presentations, digital photos, video and music. The Portable External Hard Drive also offers easy-to-use BounceBack Express backup software to protect valuable data.

Seagate's Compact Flash Photo Hard Drive
Seagate's Compact Flash Photo Hard Drive, announced at CES 2005, are the first 4GB and 8GB CompactFlash media storage cards ever introduced. They offer unparalleled capacities at cost-effective price points for digital photography hobbyists and professional photographers that shoot and store large volumes of high-resolution digital photos. It's ideal for high-resolution, point-and-shoot and professional digital cameras with a Compact Flash type II media slot and it's the most cost-effective solution for entertainment, gaming and PDA devices that use Compact Flash Type II media.

Seagate External Hard Drive
The new Seagate External Hard Drive is the first to herald a massive 500GB capacity and the speedy new FireWire 800 interface on an external hard drive for PCs and workstations. The new FireWire 800 interface is the fastest FireWire ever - and the fastest interface available on any external PC hard drive; it's capable of supporting data rates up to 800Mbps (megabits per second) on many FireWire 800-capable systems available today. Seagate's drives also continue to offer high-speed USB 2.0 and Firewire (IEEE 1394a) interfaces.

With a wide range of capacities from 80GB up to 500GB, the Seagate External Hard drive is the perfect solution for storing hours of video memories, volumes of music, years of digital pictures, and thousands of vital business files. Its massive capacity and speedy interfaces give consumer or professional video editors and producers the performance and capacity needed to work in real time with massive amounts of compressed and uncompressed digital media files, as well as archiving them. With its simple push-button backup and plug-and-play storage expansion, the drive makes it easy for users to archive, backup, retrieve and protect huge amounts of data - hundreds of hours of high-quality video and thousands of multimedia and business files and digital photos.

Suggest Retail prices

▪ USB 2.0 Pocket Hard Drive 2.5GB (about KW137,000)
5GB (about KW160,000)

▪ 2.5-inch Portable External Hard Drive 40GB (about KW170,000)
100GB (about KW270,000)

▪ 3.5-inch External Hard Drive 160GB (about KW180,000)
200GB (about KW250,000)

Warranty & Customer Service
All Seagate retail products feature a worry-free one-year warranty that covers all parts and labor, plus free technical support even after the warranty ends. Daewon Computer's after sales service center provides technical support for all retail products sold in the Korean market.

Seagate is also complementing its best-in-class products with the addition of a toll free telephone customer support line and a collection point for warranty replacement drives.

A toll free telephone customer support line is now available for end user customers in Korea in the Korean language: 007.98.8521.7635. This toll free number accesses Seagate's contact center, which can also be reached via email at: korea_support@teleservices.com.cn.

For more information on the retail products, visit Seagate Korean website: www.seagate-asia.com/korea.

About Seagate
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