Mar 15, 2001

Seagate Launches SeaTools Enterprise Edition

SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif. - Seagate Technology today launched SeaTools Enterprise Edition, a comprehensive diagnostic utility for enterprise-class SCSI and Fibre Channel disc drives. SeaTools Enterprise Edition is the most recent addition to Seagate's acclaimed SeaTools Suite and incorporates new features and support for the unique needs of the enterprise. With the complexities inherent in today's computer systems, it is all too easy to mistake enterprise system problems such as operating system, file system, or application issues as being caused by a hard disc drive. This misdiagnosis costs everyone in terms of both time and money. SeaTools Enterprise Edition is designed with features that make a network system administrator's work easier. It provides a quick and accurate diagnosis of drives in the system, and helps eliminate the scenario of a drive being returned for repair and then later discovered with no problems. In addition, SeaTools Enterprise Edition provides other tool sets to give you even more control of your Seagate enterprise drives.

Peripheral Test Instruments, (PTI) a leading company in the field of software testing tools, participated in the development of SeaTools Enterprise Edition. "There was clearly a need for SeaTools Enterprise Edition, since research indicates that nearly half of all drives returned within the industry were discovered to have no problems," said Ed Cook, vice president of sales and marketing at PTI. "SeaTools Enterprise Edition literally empowers customers to easily diagnose these situations themselves and help find the real source of the problem. We're thrilled to have teamed with the world's leading storage company to help develop SeaTools Enterprise Edition and are confident that their customers will find it a great resource."

"Prior to adding SeaTools Enterprise Edition to the suite, Seagate's SeaTools had been successfully adopted and used in real-world environments to resolve critical customer system problems," said Brian Dexheimer, Seagate executive vice president, Worldwide Sales, Marketing and Customer Service. "The savings of time and money were nothing short of astonishing. Among the customers using the software, SeaTools reduced 'no problem found' drive returns by 80 percent and overall returns were reduced by 30 percent."

SeaTools Enterprise Edition - The Details
SeaTools Enterprise Edition is just one part of Seagate's SeaTools Suite, a group of user-invoked diagnostic applications that now supports all Seagate SCSI and ATA disc drives as well as legacy drives. SeaTools Enterprise Edition's new and intuitive graphical interface makes it easy to use and greatly speeds up the discovery of true system problems. SeaTools Enterprise Edition is also the industry's first Windows diagnostic application to support SCSI and Fibre Channel Drive Self-Test (DST) - the industry-standard test firmware. This allows multiple tests to run concurrently in a single session to ensure the most accurate results possible. Taking full advantage of the Windows multi-threaded environment, SeaTools Enterprise Edition can test up to 120 drives per session, either simultaneously or sequentially. SeaTools Enterprise Edition runs on direct attached storage on Intel platform systems running Windows 2000, NT or 9x. Support for other operating systems and advanced host adapters will be made available this year. SeaTools Enterprise Edition is available to download at no cost at:

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