Nov 08, 2000

Seagate Launches its Fastest 10K Cheetahs to Date

Seagate Technology (NYSE:SEG) today announced two new members of its Cheetah family of 10K disc drives the Cheetah 36XL and Cheetah 73LP. Designed for the demanding requirements of e-commerce servers, departmental servers, data mining, and A/V applications, where performance, reliability and high storage capacities are critically important, the new Cheetahs meet these needs. With fast seek times, 4 Mbyte or 16 Mbyte V-code cache options, low power requirements and acoustics, and with both Ultra160 SCSI and 2 Gbit Fibre Channel options, Seagate delivers the industry's most complete line of high-performance disc drives for business-critical applications. The new Cheetahs will ship during the first quarter of 2001.

"As the pioneer of 10K disc drive technology, Seagate's experience in providing solutions for the most demanding needs of the enterprise market are unmatched," said Brian Dexheimer, executive vice president, WW Sales, Marketing and Customer Service at Seagate Technology. "Seagate's latest Cheetahs solidify this position with data rate increases of up to 59 percent, power reductions of up to nine percent, and designs that use fewer parts than previous-generation Cheetah. This will ultimately drive down cost as well as increase reliability."

Cheetah 36XL and Cheetah 73LP The Details
Seagate's Cheetah family has won countless awards and accolades from the industry. Now in their fifth generation, the latest Cheetah 36XL and Cheetah 73LP disc drives are positioned to continue to provide legendary performance and reliability.

The Cheetah 36XL delivers an average seek time of 5.2 msec, formatted data transfer rates up to 46.1 Mbytes/sec, and a low power rating of 9 watts that keep the Cheetah 36XL running cooler than previous-generation designs. The Cheetah 36XL is offered in capacities of 9.2, 18.4, and 36.7 Gbyte capacities to fulfill user's various capacity requirements.

The Cheetah 73LP is a low-profile design that stores up to 73 Gbytes to allow businesses to fit more storage in their server enclosures. It features an areal density of 18 Gbits/in2, average seek time as low as 4.6 msec, formatted data transfer rates up to 63.9 Mbytes/sec, and operates at a low 10.3 watts (SCSI). The 73LP is also offered with a 16 Mbyte V-code cache option for data streaming applications such as audio and video. The Cheetah 73 Gbyte model comes in both Ultra160 SCSI and 2 Gbit Fibre Channel interfaces while the 36 Gbyte Cheetah 73LP is offered exclusively in a 2 Gbit Fibre Channel interface. Additionally, with the Cheetah 73LP, Seagate is introducing its Rotational Vibration Protection System that monitors drive movement in relationship to the cabinet or the drive mounting system and provides feedback to the drive's servo system, reducing positioning errors resulting from rotational vibration within the cabinet or mounting system.

Both Cheetahs include a 1,200,000 hour Mean Time Between Failure Rating (MTBF) and are backed with a full 5 year warranty. Single evaluation-unit Suggested Retail Pricing (SRP) of the Cheetah 36XL at 9.2, 18.4, and 36.7 Gbyte capacities is $245, $365, and $615 respectively. Single evaluation-unit SRP of the Cheetah 73LP at 73 and 36 Gbyte capacities is $1,139 and $615. Actual street pricing of the new Cheetah disc drives will vary, and will be determined by Seagate authorized resellers. The availability of the new Cheetahs will be Q1, 2001.

The Seagate Advantage 3D Defense System
Drive Defense includes Seagate's G-Force Protection system and SeaShell. G-Force protection is a system approach to designing major drive components motor, heads, head-arm, clamp, and discs - to be less susceptible to shock events. Additionally, all Seagate drives are shipped in the new SeaShell. SeaShell is a shock-ribbed, transparent enclosure that limits a drive's exposure to electro-static-discharge (ESD) and also protects against external shocks and stress. Tested by major OEMs, SeaShell reduces the force of a 12-inch drop by a factor of 10 over standard ESD packaging.

Data Defense features ensure maximum data integrity, making it possible to avoid data loss while running system applications. Data Defense includes Seagate's exclusive Advanced Multidrive System (SAMS), Error Correction Code (ECC), Safe Sparing and End-to-End Data Path Protection. Diagnostic Defense includes SeaTools, Web-Based Tools, and Drive Self Test utilities that analyze system events in order to assist the user to diagnose or predict potential malfunctions.

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