Jun 06, 2006

Seagate Names Local Recipients of CSU Engineering Scholarships

LONGMONT, Colo. - Seagate Technology (NYSE: STX), the world's leading hard drive company, today named four winners of a scholarship to attend the College of Engineering at Colorado State University. Three high-school seniors from the St. Vrain and Boulder Valley school districts each were awarded $2,000 for the 2006-2007 academic year, and one of last year's recipients was awarded $1,000 for his sophomore year at CSU.

Seagate awarded the scholarships to high-school students based on grade point average, financial need, community involvement and technical innovation/creativity. Applicants also submitted two essays - one about past school projects or extracurricular activities involving an innovative application of scientific principles, and one describing why they chose to study engineering or to pursue careers in that field.

In addition to meeting academic and financial criteria, returning sophomores submitted an essay describing how their college experience to date has confirmed or altered their career plans within the engineering field.

All applicants also had a letter of recommendation from a teacher.

"These are bright and talented young students, and from our perspective, they're quite literally our future," said Seagate's Andy Davis, vice president of Design Engineering. "To the extent that we can help them realize their educational goals and future career objectives, we are helping our industry - and perhaps our company - secure the next generation of engineers. We wish them the best of luck and look forward to hearing of their accomplishments."

The following are excerpts from essays written by the scholarship recipients.

Graham Anderson, Silver Creek High School
"My passion for engineering comes from my curiosity. I have always been interested in how things work. Every chance I get, I take advantage of seeing how things function by taking them apart. Engineering continues to interest me and I am going to pursue what fascinates me."

Austin Jurgensmeyer, Longmont High School
"I have always felt that each and every person can make a difference. They can make a difference to a community, to a group, or just to an individual. This same belief is what has fueled my decision to become a mechanical engineer. If I know that my work every day is improving the lives of others, my job will have much more meaning."

Antonio Citro, Silver Creek High School
"When I was 12, I received my first computer for my birthday, and I spent night and day learning it inside and out. By the time I was 13, I could completely disassemble and rebuild it, and when I was 14, I built my first computer. I want to continue my love of technology by entering the field of engineering."

Joshua Gabler, 2005 - '06 recipient
"When I began my education at CSU I didn't know what field of engineering I wanted to go into, but I loved math and figuring out problems. Since then, thanks to one class - digital circuit logic - I've chosen to major in electrical engineering. By continuing my education here at CSU I know I will learn more about myself and obtain a greater understanding of what specific career best fits me."

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