May 20, 2004

Seagate Raises the Bar for Service and Customer Support in India

Delivering on its promise to expand its SeaCare centers to multiple locations across India to better reach out and serve Indian users, Seagate Technology (NYSE:STX) today announced further enhancement in service offerings through its 32-city SeaCare operation that offers Seagate hard drive users the ease and value of good service support. SeaCare centers are manned by Seagate trained staff and offer support consistently across the country to provide an overall enhanced customer experience.

Today, Indian users can, through its web-based warranty authorization facility, ascertain drive warranty status and generate Return Material Authorization (RMA) for faster drive replacement through its 32 SeaCare centers located across different parts of the country. Seagate offers two to four working days turnaround time on all hard disc drive replacements, and since January 2004, in excess of 97% of the shipments are meeting the committed turnaround time. This is a significant achievement given the vast amount of logistics involved in supporting the 32 SeaCare centers located not only in the main metros but also across the B&C grade cities in India.

Additionally, Seagate also announced that effective May 20, 2004, Indian buyers of its hard disc drives can have the option of purchasing entry level Seagate personal storage products with three years warranty through their extensive network of 700 premier partners across the country. The entry level Barracuda range of hard drives, which carry a standard one-year warranty, can now be purchased with a three-year warranty option at an additional cost of only Rs. 150. Seagate currently offers 3 years warranty support on 120GB and higher capacity Barracuda drives in the personal storage product category and 5 years warranty support on its Cheetah family of enterprise storage products. With the launch of the three-year warranty option on entry-level personal storage products, Seagate now offers unmatched warranty support for its entire product range. The warranty of these products can be verified online at or via Seagate National Toll Free Call Center in India at 1600-331104.

"We are pleased with the success of our SeaCare centers and their establishments as we continue to add value to our support services to better serve Indian users of our hard drives," said Sharad Srivastava, country manager for Seagate in India. "For example, the introduction of the web-based warranty authorization facility will empower and enable Seagate users to deal directly with the 32 SeaCare centers and help reduce the turnaround time further. And by offering the optional three-year warranty for Seagate entry level personal storage drives in India, coupled with our comprehensive channel support through our Call centers, Seagate aims to further increase customer satisfaction levels and fuel our support services in the channel market to a new height."

"Seagate's SeaCare centres and its National Call Centre have helped us support our customers better," said Somesh Narang, director of Elcom Trading Company Ltd. "By constantly adding value to the service offering, Seagate reinforces its brand pull."

"Seagate service in India is great!" said Brijesh Nigam, director of Iterate India Private Limited (IIPL), a software product company based out of New Delhi. "For a company like ours, which supports our product Automate across nearly 1000 Maruti Authorized workshops nationwide, it is critical that any hardware problems are expeditiously addressed so that my service engineers are not delayed. Seagate, through its SeaCare centers, provides very prompt replacements. The web based warranty authorization would help reduce the turnaround time even further."

Another contributing factor to Seagate's success in the channel market is its National Toll Free Call center that is testimony to Seagate efficiency and effectiveness in providing good support for pre- and post-sales service and support. The Call Center functions like a window to Seagate for any business or technical query on Seagate products and services. As Seagate continues to expand its business and reach out to more cities across India, it can call upon the strengths of its channel support services, in addition to its widely accepted range of world-class products, to give the Company a competitive advantage in the Indian market.

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