Jul 24, 1995

Seagate Ships One Millionth Barracuda and Elite Disc Drives

BLOOMINGTON, Minn. - Seagate Technology, Inc. (NYSE: SEG) today marked the shipment of the one millionth disc drive from the company's high-performance Barracuda family, as well as the shipment of the one millionth disc drive from its high-performance Elite family of products. Both product families were designed and developed in Minnesota. In a ceremony at Seagate's Bloomington facility, chairman and CEO, Alan Shugart, presented Governor Arne Carlson with a plaque commemorating the significant achievement of Seagate's Minnesota employees. Senior representatives from two of Seagate's major customers, COMPAQ Computer Corporation and EMC Corporation, were also on hand to receive honors in front of a crowd of 700 Seagate employees.

"Seagate's Minnesota employees have led the charge in producing some of the world's fastest and highest capacity disc drives," said Shugart. "The digitization of all types of information has created a growing demand for high capacity devices to manage and store the seemingly infinite amount of data, and Seagate's Minnesota drive development center was quick to recognize this trend. As a result, Seagate has led the industry in harnessing the technologies that are enabling today's most advanced computer applications."

According to independent market research firm International Data Corporation, total disc drive industry shipments, which are expected to exceed 90 million units this year, will grow to more than 116 million units per year in 1996, and exceed 193 million units annually by the end of the decade.

The Barracuda and Elite families are Seagate's leading-edge product lines, and each has pioneered significant advances in both speed and storage capacity. Announced in November 1989, the Elite 1 was the first 5.25-inch disc drive to operate at 5,400 RPM, improving drive performance by as much as 40% over existing industry standard drives, and subsequently setting the standard for all 5.25-inch drives. Just four years later, the Elite 9 was the first hard disc drive capable of storing nine gigabytes of data that was immediately accessible in systems ranging from mainframes and network servers to personal workstations. This breakthrough made applications such as on-line video editing and video-on-demand both practical and affordable.

Introduced in 1993, the Barracuda established a new level of high performance in a 3.5-inch drive by operating at 7,200 RPM. This leading-edge combination enables disc drive performance and storage capacities necessary for the latest breed of engineering workstations, network system servers, mainframes and supercomputers. Typical applications in these environments include professional audio/visual, on-line transaction processing, and scientific computing.

"When the award-winning Barracuda was first launched in 1993, it set the standard for high performance," said Bernie Carballo, Seagate's executive vice president, Sales, Marketing, Product Line Management and Customer Service, who was also on hand for the celebration. "The milestone of shipping one million units has come in the relatively short timespan of two years. Although an impressive accomplishment, even more impressive is that we expect to ship the second millionth unit this fall. This certainly signals the overwhelming acceptance and dominance of the Barracuda products in the computing industry."