Jun 22, 1998

Seagate Unveils Industry's First Hard Disc Drive Designed for Sub-$1,000 OEM Desktop Computer Systems

Further strengthening one of the broadest product lines in the information storage industry, Seagate Technology, Inc. (NYSE: SEG) today unveiled the industry's first disc drive designed specifically for sub-$1,000 PC desktop computer systems. Offering 2.1 Gbytes of capacity in a 3.5-inch form factor, the Ultra ATA-interface drive, the ST32111, provides OEM customers with a unique opportunity to address the challenges of the emerging sub-$1,000 PC market segment.

Seagate is the only independent disc drive manufacturer with the vertical integration strategy to control development of components and technology and own its manufacturing capabilities, enabling the proliferation of the sub-$1,000 PC and future low-cost platforms. This strategy gives Seagate control over key technologies and the supply of key components including recording heads and recording media, essential to manufacturing disc drive products like the ST32111. Vertical integration also enables Seagate to achieve a cost-effective platform of mechanics and electronics derived from its successful Medalist product line of hard disc drives for entry-level and mainstream desktop computers.

"With our vertical strength and breadth of products and capabilities in hardware and volume manufacturing, Seagate is uniquely positioned to be a strategic partner of choice for the leading OEMs focused on low-cost PC solutions," said Phil Detwiler, senior vice president of Marketing. "Through our extensive relationships with the world's leading computer systems companies, we are tailoring our technology and product offerings to meet customer needs."

Designed for cost-focused PC systems and non-traditional applications like TV set-top boxes, the ST32111 features an 11-millisecond average seek and the ability to transfer data at a rate of up to 33.3 Mbytes/second via the Ultra ATA interface. These attributes enable the ST32111 to provide the capacity and performance for today's popular desktop applications like email, Internet navigation, multimedia and word processing.

With mechanics and electronics leveraged from Seagate's comprehensive line of Ultra ATA-interface Medalist drives currently in volume production, the ST32111 is designed for quick qualification and easy integration into OEM desktop computer systems. This drive utilizes magneto-resistive heads, enabling Seagate to achieve higher areal densities and enhanced partial response-maximum likelihood (EPRML) read channel technology for faster throughput during read/write operations. In addition, the ST32111 features robust environmental specifications like low acoustics and 150 G nonoperational shock tolerance, and is resourcefully designed with advanced power management capabilities to save energy.

Sample quantities of the ST32111 began shipping in the second quarter of 1998. Production will begin during the third calendar quarter of 1998.

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