Nov 10, 1997

Seagate Unveils its Highest-Capacity, 2.5-Inch Disc Drive for Notebook Computers: The Marathon 4030sl

Seagate Technology, Inc. (NYSE:SEG) today announced a new addition to its Marathont line of 2.5-inch hard disc drives for mobile computers. Offering 4 Gbytes of capacity in a slimline, 12.5 mm form factor, the Marathon 4030sl (ST94030AG) provides frequent travelers with a no-compromise alternative to stationary desktop computing. This new drive targets the most popular storage capacity point for mobile computers for the second half of 1998 which, according to market research firm International Data Corporation (IDC), will be between 3 and 4 Gbytes.

"With the introduction of this new 4-Gbyte drive for the mobile market segment, Seagate is targeting the next high volume capacity point," said Crawford Del Prete, vice president of IDC. "IDC projects that for the second half of 1998, the majority of notebooks will shift to the 3- and 4-Gbyte range."

"Portable computer users are creating sophisticated multimedia presentations, downloading high-resolution, graphics files from the Internet, and purchasing exciting new peripherals like portable projectors and personal organizers that help them do their jobs better and faster," said Phil Detwiler, senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing at Seagate. "With high capacity and exceptional levels of performance in a 2.5-inch drive, the Marathon 4030sl is an ideal storage solution for people who work and play in the mobile environment."

The Marathon 4030sl performs 12 millisecond seeks, spins at 4,500 rpm, and internally transfers data at a rate of up to 112 Mbits/second, enabling users to store and access more of the information they want faster than ever. This new drive utilizes magneto-resistive heads to achieve higher areal density, and glass media for greater resistance to nonoperating shock.

The Marathon 4030sl is designed with mechanical enhancements that extend the nonoperational shock limit to 500 G -- a 40% increase over earlier generations of 2.5-inch disc drives. Ruggedized motors, enhanced bearings and a rigid exterior enclosure help minimize sound to an industry-leading 3.3 Bels acoustic level, which is important in the mobile environment where users are within an arm's length of their portable computers. The Marathon 4030sl performs within temperatures of 0 to 60o C, a range 10o greater than other 2.5-inch drives. Recognizing the frequent on/off power cycling that occurs in the mobile environment, Seagate has designed the Marathon 4030sl to withstand 60,000 contact start stop (CSS) operations.

The Marathon 4030sl also utilizes fewer components -- a reduction from seven to five major chips over previous 2.5-inch disc drives -- which lowers the power requirements of the drive while improving reliability. In addition, Seagate has achieved a 2.5-inch disc drive industry first in surface mount technology (SMT) by innovatively placing the preamplifier chip directly onto the actuator arm. Repositioning the preamplifier chip (Flip Chip) results in improved signal margin.

Seagate is introducing two additional offerings in the Marathon 4030sl family: the Marathon 3230sl (ST93230AG), with 3.2 Gbytes of capacity and the Marathon 2120sl (ST92120AG), with 2.1 Gbytes of capacity. All three drives come with a standard three-year limited warranty, and are scheduled for volume production in the first calendar quarter of 1998. More information and detailed technical specifications regarding Seagate's new Marathon 4030sl disc drive are available online at

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