Jul 18, 2000

Seagate and Adaptec's Ultra160 SCSI Solutions Top Winmag.com's WinList

SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif. - Seagate Technology, Inc. (NYSE:SEG) and Adaptec, Inc. (NSDQ:ADPT) today announced that their Ultra160 SCSI solutions were placed on Winmag.com's prestigious WinList. Winmag.com, the online successor to WINDOWS Magazine, selected Seagate's 10,000 RPM Cheetah 18XL disc drive and Adaptec's 19160 Ultra160 SCSI card as the best in their respective classes. Winmag.com's selection of Seagate's and Adaptec's SCSI solutions signals the acceptance of Ultra160 SCSI as the standard I/O for mainstream performance computing.

James E. Powell, managing editor of reviews at Winmag.com, described the Cheetah 18XL as "by far and away the fastest SCSI drive we've ever tested." Regarding Adaptec's 19160 SCSI card, Powell added, "Adaptec's Ultra160 adapter cards prove you can have more speed with little or no increase in cost."

Seagate's Cheetah 18XL disc drive is just one member of the award-winning Cheetah family of disc drives that deliver industry-leading performance for the most demanding applications, Internet servers, workstations, network file servers and Enterprise servers. Adaptec's Ultra160 SCSI products, including the SCSI Card 19160, are the storage I/O solutions ideally matched to the ever-increasing demands of bandwidth-hungry applications. Four different Adaptec Ultra160 SCSI cards provide a range of solutions, fine-tuned for specific environments, from desktops to entry-level and enterprise-level servers.

Winmag.com tests, evaluates and compares hundreds of hardware and software products every month. Only the best rise to the exclusive WinList; they remain on the list as long as they lead their category. Winmag.com's review of both the Seagate Cheetah 18XL and Adaptec 19160 SCSI card can be found at http://www.winmag.com/reviews/hardware/2000/06/0628.htm.

About Adaptec, Inc.
Adaptec (NASDAQ: ADPT), is the global leader in innovative storage solutions. Adaptec's hardware and software solutions for eBusiness and Internet applications move,manage, and protect critical data and digital content. Adaptec's direct-attached storage, network storage solutions and desktop software solutions for digital content are found in high-performance networks, servers, workstations and desktops from the world's leading manufacturers, and are sold through distribution channels to ISPs, enterprises, medium and small businesses and consumers. Adaptec is an S&P 500 and a NASDAQ 100 member. More information is available at http://www.adaptec.com.

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