Feb 26, 2001

Seagate, Intel and APT Reveal First Serial ATA 1.0-Compliant Prototype Disc Drive

Seagate Technology, Intel Corporation and APT Technologies today unveiled the first Serial ATA Revision 1.0-compliant disc drive and PCI host bus adapter. The prototype represents another major step toward a future of faster, simpler, more cost-effective ATA disc drive technology. In a demonstration at this week's Intel Developer Forum, the Seagate Serial ATA disc drive, containing APT's Serial ATA Bridge and PHY technology, is attached via new Serial ATA-compliant cables and connectors to APT's Serial ATA PCI Host Bus Adapter, which is connected to an Intel® Pentium® 4 processor system.

APT, Intel and Seagate are key members of the Serial ATA Working Group, which is developing the Serial ATA storage interface specification for the next-generation computing platform. This interface is used to connect storage devices, such as hard disc drives, DVDs and CD-R/Ws, to the motherboard and is the replacement for today's Parallel ATA physical storage interface.

Serial ATA technology will allow for platform cost reductions and performance improvements while supporting a seamless transition from Parallel ATA technology. Serial ATA will supply storage interface headroom for many generations to come, beginning with 1.5 Gbps, and scalable to 2x, 4x and beyond. At the same time, Serial ATA is a drop-in solution that is compatible with existing ATA software drivers and will run on standard operating systems without modification. It will provide for systems that are easier to design, with narrower cables that are simple to route and install, smaller cable connectors, improved silicon design, and lower voltages, which alleviate current design constraints in Parallel ATA. Configuration of Serial ATA devices will be much simpler, with many of today's requirements for jumpers and settings no longer needed.

"Today's demonstration is an important milestone for the Serial ATA Working Group and an opportunity to display the clear advantages of Serial ATA technology in action," said Tom Porter, Seagate executive vice president and chief technical officer. "Seagate continues work with APT and Intel and other industry leaders to develop and implement the key technologies that will soon bring Serial ATA products to the market."

"This prototype exemplifies the rapid progress APT, Intel, Seagate and the Serial ATA Working Group have made to deliver real Serial ATA solutions in the near future," said Jason Ziller, Intel technology initiatives manager and Serial ATA Working Group chairman. "The path has been further cleared for an industry-wide transition from Parallel ATA/100 technology to Serial ATA."

"Demonstrating Serial ATA Revision 1.0-compliant hardware is truly a major step in evolving the standard to the product phase and provides not only validation of the specification, but also an indication of the maturity of the technology," said Jim Rubino, President and CEO of APT Technologies.

The Intel Developer Forum runs from February 26 through March 1, 2001 at the San Jose Convention Center in San Jose, Calif. Seagate and Intel will present a detailed look at the most recent developments to Serial ATA technology, and will feature a demonstration of Serial ATA running on standard unmodified operating systems.

Seagate is a leader in technology development, investing more in Research and Development and earning more patents for new technologies than all other independent hard drive companies combined. Seagate is the number one provider of ATA, SCSI and Fibre Channel disc drives.

About Seagate
Seagate is the world's leading provider of Internet Infrastructure storage technology. The Company's products include disc drives for Enterprise applications, PCs and Consumer Electronics, Storage Area Network (SAN) solutions and Server Appliances. Seagate's market leadership is based on delivering award-winning products, customer support and reliability to meet the world's growing demand for information storage. Seagate can be found around the globe and at www.seagate.com.

About APT
APT Technologies is a leader in Serial ATA technology and other advanced peripherals technologies. They are a leading supplier of mass storage IP and Serial ATA products. Established in Santa Cruz, California in 1996, APT is a logic design house that specializes in system level design, hardware and software development, product planning and strategic marketing for the mass storage industry. APT Technologies, Inc. is a privately held corporation. Learn more about APT on the web at: http://www.apt-tech.com/ or by phone: 831 429-7260.