Sep 28, 1998

Seagate 10,000-RPM Cheetah Disc Drives Power the Top Ten Servers, as Rated by TPC Industry Benchmark TestAs Rate

Recent industry-wide tests have concluded that Seagate Technology, Inc.'s (NYSE: SEG) 10,000-rpm Cheetah family of disc drives boosts performance in all of the top ten server systems. These systems, all driven by Seagate's Cheetah, provide the best performance-per-dollar in benchmarks developed by and tested under the guidelines of the Transaction Processing performance Council (TPC). The TPC, an independent organization primarily composed of computer system vendors, is widely recognized as a leading authority of objective server performance modeling and rating.

These TPC tests spotlight three clearly-evident trends, said Don Kelly, Seagate's senior vice president of High-Performance Products. First, the server industry discovered and is leveraging the performance advantage of Seagate Cheetah disc drives, which offer the best data throughput. Second, these results indicate that Seagate's Cheetah drives are indeed the 10,000-rpm drive-of-choice. Finally, considering that the test results highlight top performance-per-dollar, the Cheetah is not only a top performer, but a top value as well.

"For over ten years, the Transaction Processing Council has served the IT community by providing objective benchmarks and resources for server market, with results available on our website," said Kim Shanley, Chief Operating Officer of the Transaction Processing Council. "The TPC-C list of top ten systems, as ranked by price/performance, communicates which systems are providing the greatest transaction processing value in the industry. In addition to providing an understanding of performance at the server system level, TPC benchmarks provide valuable insight into the performance of subsystem performance, particularly disk I/O performance."

Some of the top-rated servers, as ranked by the TPC, include models from Acer's Altos, Compaq's ProLiant, Dell's PowerEdge, IBM's Netfinity, and Unisys's Aquanta series. The TPC benchmark detailing the top performance-per-dollar servers can be directly accessed online at

Seagate's Cheetah disc drives were among the first available with the Ultra2 SCSI interface and seek times as low as 5.2 msec. The fusion of a high rotational speed and lightning-quick seeks affirms why the Cheetah is used in top-performing systems. The Cheetah 9LP and Cheetah 18 are currently in volume production.

The Transaction Processing Council can be reached on the worldwide web at The website also provides TPC test results free of charge. For more information, contact the TPC at (408) 295-8894.

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