Nov 03, 1997

Seagate Again sets the Record for the World's Highest-Capacity Winchester Disc Drive: The Elite 47

Seagate Technology, Inc. (NYSE:SEG) today introduced the Elite 47, the world's highest-capacity disc drive, capable of storing over 47 Gbytes of informationsthe equivalent of a stack of typewritten memos reaching more than twice the height of the Empire State Building. The drive's 47-Gbyte capacity continues Seagate's tradition of setting new industry records in storage capabilities. With the new Elite 47, users are better able to manage the increasingly-growing volume of data generated by information-intensive applications. With its low-cost-per-gigabyte, the Elite 47 provides economically-priced storage for large central storage applications, professional video, and traditional near-line storage applications. The Elite 47 represents part of Seagate's ongoing research and development in products that deliver the very best in data management tools to help people get information when, where, and how they want it.

"System architects expect Seagate to deliver innovative, leading-edge storage solutions, and the Elite 47 once again demonstrates Seagate's technological prowess," said John Monroe, vice president and chief analyst at Dataquest, a market research firm. "With over twice the capacity of any other disc drive available today, the Elite 47 should become a drive-of-choice for high-end configurations in systems which have to manipulate and maintain enormous databases."

A few years ago, one-terabyte arrays were nearly impossible to manage, requiring literally hundreds of disc drives. Today, with the Elite 47, a one-terabyte array can be developed with as few as 22 Elite 47 drives. With the fewer number of Elite drives required, as opposed to building the same terabyte-system using some of the most dependable 3.5-inch models, array reliability is more than doubled. Combining the Elite 47's capabilities for increased array reliability with the drive's attractive pricing, Seagate continues its tradition of providing tremendous value in mass storage.

The Elite 47 reads and writes at speeds of up to 184 Mbits/second. The 5,400-rpm drive utilizes UltraSCSI interface technology for quick throughput while the 800,000-hour mean time between failure (MTBF) of the drive provides the high reliability for today's critical applications. These performance and reliability attributes, combined with its A/V Professional features, provide the movie and broadcast industries with extremely-economical, dependable online digital video storage.

Samples of the full-height, 5.25-inch Elite 47 will be available for major OEMs in November, with volume production planned to begin in the first calendar quarter of 1998. The Elite 47 extends Seagate's balance between high performance and value with pricing targeted at 75% the cost-per-megabyte of Seagate's award-winning Barracuda family of disc drives. Prices for single evaluation units are set at $2995 for the 47-Gbyte Elite 47 (ST446452W). Original equipment manufacturers (OEM's) may contact their Seagate sales representative for volume pricing. Poised with Seagate's mainstream Barracuda family and performance-leading Cheetah series, the Elite 47 proves to be an excellent complement to the Company's broad offering of high-performance disc drives. More information and detailed technical specifications regarding Seagate's new Elite 47 disc drive is available online at

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