Jan 12, 2004

Seagate And Nanjing's Southeast University Complete Country's First Course On Data Storage Technology

From October to December 2003, technical staff of Seagate Technology (NYSE:STX) - from Engineering to Production, Quality to component assembly - broadened the scope of their jobs to include instructing final year students at the Electrical Engineering faculty of Nanjing SouthEast University (SEU). Their effort came to fruition today when SEU held a ceremony to mark the graduation of the first batch of students who successfully completed the elective course - Data Storage Technology.

Seagate, the world's leading supplier of hard disc drives, and SEU also took the opportunity to recognize the effort of six outstanding students with special awards.

Developed by Seagate in collaboration with SEU, the three-month course was conducted entirely by staff from Seagate. The course, which prepares students for careers in the demanding data storage industry, was launched in October 2003 and more than 100 eligible students signed up for it. Designed to provide the students with a foundation in storage technology, particularly disc drives, the course exposes students to areas such as manufacturing, engineering, customer/product quality and component assembly.

"Our commitment to excellence and innovation has helped us to build a successful operation in Wuxi and we believe those are the same values that we can leverage to build a stronger future for our community," said Johnny Lau, Seagate vice president of China Operations. "Seagate has a vested interest in the development of the future workforce of China and we want to take an active role in shaping their interest in the fast growing data storage industry."

Seagate and SEU plan to extend their collaboration beyond 2003. Starting next year, teaching staff of the Engineering faculty SEU will conduct lectures, building on their experience in attending the inaugural course to observe and learn from the Seagate management/teaching team. The technology transfer process continues with Seagate providing regular consultancy to ensure that the course materials are constantly updated and aligned with the rapid changes of the industry. In addition, Seagate will arrange for relevant qualified staff to guest lecture on specialized topics on advice from SEU.

"SEU prides itself on producing some of the nation's best academic and technical talent," said Professor Wang Baoping, Dean of the Electronic Engineering Department. "As the pace of technological development quickens, we have a duty to stay relevant with the demands of the market to ensure that we continue to produce graduates who are valuable to the country. The collaboration with Seagate not only keeps us relevant, but also pushed SEU into the forefront of China's education system with a specialized, relevant and hotly demanded curriculum."

About SouthEast University
Southeast University (SEU) was founded in 1902 as Sanjiang Normal College. Today, it is one of the oldest institutions and reputable institution of higher learning in China, with a focus on Engineering. SEU is one of the key national universities under the direct administration of the Ministry of Education of China. It is also one of the first universities accredited by the State Council to certify professors, associate professors and doctorial supervisors. In 1995, the university was listed by the Ministry of Education to receive funding under its Project 211 - a national initiative push forward the development of science, technology and culture. SEU can be found at www.seu.edu.com.

About Seagate
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