Sep 16, 2002

Seagate Announces Local Warranty Support Center In India

CHENNAI, India - September 16, 2002 - Seagate Technology today announced the opening of a warranty support "Swap" Center to better meet the needs of its large and growing customer base in India. The Swap Centre will offer warranty exchange to existing services provided by Seagate distributors in India. All Seagate hard drives purchased through Seagate's Indian distributors will be supported as per the warranty specification of the product.

ACCEL-ICIM Ltd., one of India's largest hardware and systems services companies, has been retained to manage the Swap center, which is located in Chennai. A second center will be opening in New Delhi in the near future. At present, customers throughout India with Seagate warranty drives can access the Swap Centre services after getting Return Authorization Number from ACCEL.

Swap Center service is designed to support all Seagate distributors, OEMs, Seagate Import Partners, Seagate Storage Partners, resellers and end-users in the country beginning initially in three staggered phases. Beginning immediately, the centre will support Seagate authorized distributors OEMs and Seagate Import Partners. One month later as part of phase two, the Swap center services will begin supporting the Seagate Storage Partners, and beginning in December the center will begin its support of other resellers and the end users.

According to a recent CRN Industry report, Seagate is the market-share leader with approximately 58 percent of the Indian disc drive market. PC Quest India, a leading technology publication, ranked Seagate first in its Users' Choice survey for the fourth consecutive year in 2002 for providing innovative and best-in-class products and services.

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