Mar 04, 2005

Seagate Brings External Storage to India

NEW DELHI, India - Seagate Technology (NYSE:STX), the world's leading supplier of hard disc drives, today announced its expansion in the retail market with off-the-shelf availability of its extraordinary Pocket Hard Drive and 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch external drives. Seagate has teamed up with its distributors and channel partners, to meet the new storage needs of end users. Seagate showcased the 3.5-inch External HDD, 2.5-inch Portable External HDD, USB-2 pocket hard drive and compact flash photo hard drive which are used by people in many new applications, such as photography, architecture, research, film etc. All products will be available from eSys Information Technologies Ltd. and Fortune Marketing Pvt Ltd.

Seagate plans to expand its retail network by teaming with leading tech-retailers to bring consumers easy-to-use, extremely reliable, high-performance solutions to meet the ever-growing demand for storage. According to Sharad Srivastava, Country Manager for Seagate India, many new and innovative applications are driving the need to make these products available off-the-shelf directly to customers.

Manoj Gupta, director of Fortune Marketing, said, "We anticipate an enthusiastic response for Seagate's external hard drives. We have received hundreds of end-user queries on when these products will be available in India, and in particular, Seagate's Pocket Drive is generating tremendous excitement".

In anticipation of its retail expansion, Seagate has strengthened its service and support network - Seagate now has 43 SeaCare centers across the country with mobile service in 2 cities (Delhi and Mumbai).

Seagate has also expanded its line of consumer electronics hard disc drives, offering the world's first 5GB 1-inch hard drive for hand-held applications, now expanded the line to 6GB, a new 400GB hard drive for DVR (digital video recorder) and home entertainment systems and the world's first 5GB 1-inch Compact Flash external hard drive to give consumers up to 5,000 Mbytes of storage for digital cameras.

All the external disc drives will be offering a warranty of 1-year. Seagate is also the first and only hard drive company to provide a National Toll Free Call center which functions like a window to Seagate for any business or technical query on the company's products and services.

The Seagate Pocket Hard Drive, which has just won the 2005 Consumer Electronics Show Innovation Award, is the first 5GB hard drive truly small enough to fit in a pocket or backpack. The Pocket Hard Drive is a cool-looking, sleek round shell with a robust design and high shock tolerance enabling mobility and making it as convenient as a traditional USB thumb drive but with an incredible 5GB of storage in a USB 2.0 bus powered design. The Pocket Drive is the convenient way to carry digital music (up to 74 hours), photos (4,000 1MB images), digital video (4.5 hours) and business files. Its 5-GB capacity enables users to store far more than USB thumb drives at similar price points - making it a very cost-effective storage alternative. Priced at INR 12,000, the Pocket Drive will be also available with 2.5-GB priced at INR 9,000.

The Seagate 100GB Portable External Hard Drive is the world's first USB 2.0 external drive featuring 100GB of portable storage and a 2.5-inch hard drive with a blazing fast 5,400-rpm spin speed. The Portable External Hard Drive is contained in a sleek, light weight and very small footprint which is perfect for travel. The drive is hot swappable and requires no power cords or adaptors. It includes built-in self-monitoring technology to check for data safety and drive performance. The Portable External Hard Drive will be available soon.

Seagate's 160 & 200GB External Hard Drive delivers the highest consumer design standards ever seen in a hard drive. Available with easy push-button backup and award-winning backup software, the Seagate External Hard Drive offers the most convenient way to store all the treasures of a digital lifestyle, allowing PC and Mac users to safely store massive amounts of digital video and pictures, business files, the latest computer games, favorite music, and more. The 160 & 200GB external drive features an interlocking design so users can stack multiple Seagate External Hard Drives horizontally, or place the drive vertically for the smallest footprint on the market. Priced at INR 12,500 and INR 13,500 respectively.

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