Jan 06, 2003

Seagate Consumer Electronics Expert Gives Keynote At Entertainment Storage Conference: Storage Visions, January 7-8, 2003

Seagate consumer electronics storage experts Rob Pait and Marc Noblitt will speak at Storage Visions 2003, on January 7 and 8 in Las Vegas, the industry's only conference focusing on entertainment data storage in the professional and home markets. Rob Pait will deliver a keynote speech to launch the conference's second day, introducing concepts of data storage architectures and storage networking requirements resulting from radical changes in content creation and content distribution applications, and on the consumer-side, in rich content creation, mobile consumer electronic products, and home content delivery and consumption. Pait manages Consumer Electronics marketing development efforts for Seagate Technology, the world's number-one hard drive maker for the Consumer Electronics industry. In addition, Marc Noblitt, who is responsible for Seagate's interface technology planning, will offer information on interface developments such as Serial ATA and Serial Attached SCSI and their impact on storage for entertainment-heavy applications including content creation, head-end delivery and consumer consumption devices.

The conference will also offer keynote speakers from IBM Digital Media Group, PowerTV, Qualcomm, and Sony. The conference's 16 in-depth sessions, panels and keynote talks will also feature industry leaders and innovators such as Avid, DataPlay, iVDR Consortium, Mitsubishi Digital, the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), MPEG-4 Industry Forum, Pace, Thomson, Silicon Image, the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA), and many others.

With Seagate drives, consumers now have unprecedented control of their media sources. Seagate drives help people control TV content with Personal Video Recorders, music in digital jukeboxes, and the immersive game experiences of hard drive-enabled game consoles like Xbox.

Seagate ships more drives for Consumer Electronics than any other hard drive maker. Seagate hard drives are used by all of the top ten Consumer Electronics makers, powering consumer brands Sony, Microsoft, RCA, Echostar Dish Network, DirecTV, Hewlett-Packard, Philips, Hughes, and many more.

Seagate provides dedicated labs to help Consumer Electronics device makers design their products. Seagate's Design Service Centers (DSC) offer a variety of testing, integration and mechanical analysis services, to help customers design, innovate and deliver a new world of hard drive-capable entertainment.

Products discussed and featured at Storage Visions 2002 will include: professional film, video and music production, content delivery systems, music and video players, digital cameras, video games, mobile Consumer Electronics, auto navigation and entertainment systems, and new storage devices for Consumer Electronics. For more information or to attend, call (805) 898-3845 or print out and send in the registration form available at www.storagevisions.com.

Seagate is the worldwide leader in the design, manufacturing and marketing of hard disc drives for Enterprise, PC and Consumer Electronics applications. The Company is committed to delivering award-winning products, customer support and reliability, to meet the world's growing demand for information storage. Seagate can be found around the globe and at www.seagate.com.

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