Dec 18, 2001

Seagate Consumer Electronics Experts to Speak at Unique Entertainment Storage Conference: Storage Visions 2002, January 7

SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif. - Seagate Consumer Electronics storage experts Michael Sklar and Rob Pait will speak at the industry's first conference on home entertainment data storage, Storage Visions 2002, on January 7 at the Stardust Hotel in Las Vegas. This new event will bring together industry visionaries, content providers, storage system providers and end users to focus on the intersection of data storage with content creation, content delivery, and home, auto, and mobile Consumer Electronics systems. Sklar is senior director of Consumer Electronics Business Development and Pait is senior manager for Consumer Electronics Product Marketing for Seagate Technology, the world's number-one hard drive maker for the Consumer Electronics industry.

"As a leading hard drive supplier for both the Consumer Electronics market and the entertainment production industry, Seagate will help drive this discussion of storage and technology for next-generation products," said Tom Coughlin, conference organizer and president of Coughlin Associates. "Seagate's unique perspective as a provider of Consumer Electronics design expertise and services will underpin the day's discourse and provide critical insight to the gathered technology innovators."

Sklar will speak about new services and revenue opportunities made possible by local storage in the home. Pait will discuss the unique technology and design requirements for integrating local storage into Consumer Electronics devices. Pait will also host the day's luncheon and introduce keynote speakers Gordon Castle, CNN senior vice president of Strategic Digital Systems R & D, and Steven Canepa, IBM vice president of Global Media and Entertainment.

The conference's six sessions and two panels will also feature speakers from industry leaders and innovators such as Avid, EMC, Ciprico, Qualcomm, DataPlay, SanDisk, and many others. Following the day's presentations and discussions, an evening reception and exhibit will be held and is free and open to all.

With Seagate drives, consumers now have unprecedented control of their media sources. Seagate drives help people control TV content with Personal Video Recorders, music in digital jukeboxes, and the immersive game experiences of hard drive-enabled game consoles like Xbox.

Seagate was the first hard drive maker to recognize the emergence of the Consumer Electronics storage market, becoming the sole supplier of hard drives to Microsoft WebTV when it first shipped in 1997. Today Seagate ships more drives for Consumer Electronics than any other hard drive maker. Seagate hard drives are the choice of all of the top ten Consumer Electronics makers, powering consumer brands Sony, Microsoft, RCA, Echostar Dish Network, DirecTV, Hewlett-Packard, Philips, Hughes, and many more.

Seagate is the only drive maker with dedicated labs to help Consumer Electronics device makers design their products. Seagate's unique Consumer Electronics Testing and Engineering Center (CETEC) facilities in the US and Singapore offer a variety of testing, integration and mechanical analysis services, to help customers design, innovate and deliver a brand new world of hard drive-capable entertainment.

Products discussed and featured at Storage Visions 2002 will include: Professional and Home Video/Music Production, Content Delivery Systems, Music and Video Players, Digital Cameras, Video Games, Mobile Consumer Electronics, Auto Navigation and Entertainment Systems, and New Storage Devices for Consumer Electronics. For more information or to attend, call (805) 898-3845 or print out and send in the registration form available at

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