Oct 30, 2001

Seagate Consumer Electronics Hard Drives Power Home-Automation Systems from BeAtHome

SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif. - Seagate announced today that BeAtHome, a leader in Web-based Home Control systems, has chosen Seagate's Consumer Electronics (CE) U Series hard drives to power its home-automation and security-computing appliance platform. The BeAtHome System directs and interacts with wireless devices in the home, and lets homeowners manage their residence from anywhere in the world on their MyBeAtHome Web site. From a personal, secured Internet web site, the BeAtHome System allows a home or business owner to control a full range of wireless devices; video from the home; lighting, heating and cooling and small home appliances.

Homeowners can perform a variety of activities, such as viewing a picture inside their home, turning on lights, adjusting their thermostat and water heater, ordering groceries, learning of a water leak in the laundry room, and an upcoming feature of filming 10-to-30-second video clips of their kids at play.

The hardware architecture is simple: a dedicated appliance in the home-stocked with Seagate U Series drives-communicates at scheduled times, or immediately in case of emergency, with an application service provider (ASP). This information is encrypted and stored on a dedicated server behind a firewall.

Because residents rely heavily on the critical information that is stored quietly and efficiently on these storage devices, BeAtHome turned to Seagate, the world's leader in CE storage solutions. "The hardware allows the software to work," said BeAtHome engineer Doug Hauck. "Seagate is at the core of our BeAtHome solution. We need a brain in the house to do some heavy lifting. Seagate drives meet our stringent noise and reliability requirements. We found that they outperformed the competition in almost every aspect."

Stellar acoustical ratings separate a Seagate CE hard drive from the competition, thanks to Seagate's revolutionary SoftSonic™ motor and "sound barrier technology". Whether it's a BeAtHome appliance, personal video recorder or game console, CE devices reside near people using them. For this reason, noise must be kept to a minimum. One BeAtHome customer, Damon Larson, keeps the family's BeAtHome appliance in an upstairs office. "When we first got the appliance, I received a call from my wife wondering if the BeAtHome was working," said Larson. "The LED readout was above eye level and she couldn't hear a thing. It's definitely quiet."

"BeAtHome allows us to feel secure when we are at remote locations," added Larson, who relies on the appliance's ability to let him know if the family's water pump stops functioning during the spring snowmelt. If the pump stops, water could quickly rise and flood the family living room. "I'm comfortable that if we do lose power, I'll be notified and power will quickly be restored."

While useful during emergencies, BeAtHome also excels at keeping a home running efficiently year round. For example, BeAtHome customers are curtailing energy consumption by scheduling and controlling lighting, heating, cooling and home appliances from the Internet. During peak energy-use periods, the BeAtHome System will automatically invoke a preset Home Energy Saver Routine if the home reaches a specific temperature. Homeowners can also use a web phone or PC from anywhere in the world to switch the home's high-consuming circuits from utility power to a backup in-home generator, also controlled by their BeAtHome system.

"Another reason we chose Seagate is because of the spectacular customer service we have received from them," added Hauck. "Our Seagate representative was very helpful in educating the BeAtHome engineering team on the state-of-the-art in Consumer Electronics storage."

Seagate's renowned Consumer Electronics Testing and Engineering Center (CETEC) offers a variety of testing, integration and mechanical analysis services to help customers such as BeAtHome design hard drive-capable CE devices. Seagate recently opened its newest CETEC facility in Singapore, offering Asia-Pacific CE manufacturers geographically convenient services for integrating hard disc drive technology into their CE products as they innovate and deliver a brand new world of entertainment. With end-to-end relationships nurtured through its unique CETEC processes in Singapore and Longmont, Colorado, Seagate maintains its advantage over other disc drive makers as the premium provider of added value services for CE customers.

Seagate is the world's leading provider of storage technology for Internet, business and consumer applications. The Company's products include disc drives for the Enterprise, PCs and Consumer Electronics, as well as Storage Area Network (SAN) solutions. Seagate's market leadership is based on delivering award-winning products, customer support and reliability to meet the world's growing demand for information storage. Seagate can be found around the globe and at www.seagate.com.

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