Oct 30, 1995

Seagate Disc Drive Products Obtain CE Marking

SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif. - Seagate Technology, Inc. (NYSE:SEG) today announced it has begun shipping disc drives conforming to the European Union (EU) directive establishing electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) guidelines for electronic equipment. According to the directive, beginning January 1, 1996, electronic products sold in the EU must show conformance by displaying the Communaute Europeene (CE) Marking.

The EU's EMC directive addresses electromagnetic interference generated by electronic equipment. The directive goes beyond the FCC Class B requirement for emissions control by also addressing immunity. According to the EU's EMC directive, electronic products must not interfere with the operation of radio, telecommunication or other electronic equipment and must have adequate immunity from electromagnetic disturbance to enable its intended operation.

According to the EMC directive, disc drives sold to an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for integration into their computer systems do not require CE Marking because it is the system that must be certified. Drives taken in by manufacturers for servicing do not require CE Marking to be shipped back to customers. However, disc drives sold directly to end users through distribution or retail channels must bear the CE Marking, and Seagate has sought compliance for all its drives sold in the EU through these channels.

"Seagate is dedicated to supporting our worldwide customers through this compliance effort and we believe we are the first disc drive manufacturer to certify in accordance with the EU's EMC directive," said Phil Detwiler, vice president of Marketing. "Displaying the CE Marking on our drives will facilitate shipment into the EU and integration at customer sites. Several Seagate Barracuda, Hawk, Medalist and Marathon disc drive models already meet the directive requirement and will begin shipping in November."

Seagate Technology, Inc. is a data technology company that provides products for storing, managing and accessing digital information on the world's computer and data communications systems. Seagate, at more than $5.0 billion in revenue for its last 12 months ended September 29, 1995, is the largest independent disc drive and components company in the world. Seagatems home page address on the World Wide Web is http://www.seagate.com.