Dec 18, 2002

Seagate Disc Drives Play A Starring Role In The Creation Of The Eagerly Anticipated Film: The Lord Of The Rings, 'The Two Towers'

SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif. - From the breathtaking landscapes of Middle-Earth and evil creatures forged entirely through digital animation, to the recording of the music score, sound effects, and through post-production - nearly every element of the epic film The Lord of the Rings - The Two Towers was brought to life with the help of Seagate disc drives. With today's opening in theaters across the nation of the second film in The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Seagate's Cheetah and Barracuda disc drives continue to be recognized as the #1 choice for major filmmakers and studios around the world.

Seagate in Video Creation and Editing The Lord of the Rings production team designed an entirely digital universe to bring never-before-seen special effects to the big screen. The team also invested in a historical first in live-action filmmaking: a massive database that has stored every single frame shot in the making of The Lord of The Rings in a digital library that can instantly access, analyze and cross-reference any single item appearing in the film. This means that every element in the trilogy can be subject to digital manipulation, from landscapes to mood lighting to hobbits on horses.

"As the established industry standard in audio/visual work, Seagate's Barracuda and Cheetah disc drives are the trusted drives of choice for our Avid film-editing systems," said Mark Ordesky, Executive Producer of "The Lord of the Rings" and President of Fine Line Features. "They perform smoothly and deliver the performance we need even when used for the most intensive video and storage applications."

Seagate in Audio
The film's music score was recorded digitally at London's world-famous Abbey Road Studios. A live orchestra was captured onto 48 simultaneous tracks all on Seagate Cheetah disc drives within a Studio Network Solutions SAN system designed specifically for audio/video professionals. "The Studio Network Solutions system using the Cheetah drives gave us a worry-free performance during the Abbey Road sessions with no tracking or time errors as can unfortunately be the case with other systems not optimized for these environments," said David Gleeson, associate music producer for The Lord of the Rings. "Because there are so many elements and complexities in recording a full orchestra, it is critically important that the SAN and computer recording system function correctly the first time. The SNS system combined with Seagate drives deserves high marks and praise for performing perfectly during the sessions and are certainly ideal for even the most challenging recording projects at Abbey Road."

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