Jun 25, 2001

Seagate Disc Drives Selected by Computer Reseller News for "The Ultimate PC"

NEW YORK - Seagate's leadership in disc drive performance and capacity continues as Computer Reseller News (CRN) has selected both Seagate's Barracuda 180 and Cheetah X15 36LP disc drives for its "Building The Ultimate PC" demonstrations at PC Expo Tech XNY 2001 in New York. For "The Ultimate PC," only the best products are chosen for the live demonstrations run by CRN's lab director, John Yacono. As the disc drive with the world's largest capacity, the Barracuda 180 was selected for its ability to store an unprecedented 180 gigabytes of information in a 3.5 inch form factor, while the Cheetah X15 is acclaimed worldwide as the fastest disc drive on the planet. Both of the drives also have the highest reliability rating in the industry.

According to CRN, this is not the first time that Seagate has been chosen for "The Ultimate PC."

"We've selected Seagate consistently each year simply because they've continued to be first-to-market with drives that offer both the highest capacities as well as the fastest speeds," said Yacono. "Seagate's drives have also been very dependable while they've regularly gone through the daily system-building and teardown process during the events."

From June 26 - 28 at noon during PC Expo, Yacono will conduct live demonstrations of how to build what has been dubbed "The Ultimate PC." All the premium components chosen are put together on the spot, after which the system is booted up and demonstrated for the live audience.

"CRN is known for its in-depth coverage of the solution provider channel as well as its quality evaluations of the latest products in the channel. As a result, we're especially pleased that Seagate drives will be an integral part of CRN's Building The Ultimate PC' demonstrations", said Joel Stead, Seagate senior vice president, Worldwide Sales and Marketing.

For more information about Seagate's Barracuda 180 and Cheetah X15 36LP disc drives as well its entire family of enterprise-class products, visit www.seagate.com.

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