Nov 17, 2004

Seagate Donates $5,000 to Community Food Share Programs that Feed Seniors and Grade-School Students

LONGMONT, Colo. - Seagate has donated $5,000 to Community Food Share (CFS), an agency that provides nutritious food to needy families and individuals throughout the Boulder and Broomfield counties. The Seagate funds will be equally split between two CFS programs: "Feed the Future" and "Elder Share."

"We're very grateful to Seagate Technology for this generous support of these two direct-distribution programs that focus on those who are most vulnerable," said Terry Tedeschi, CFS development director. "Corporate backing of Community Food Share helps us fulfill our mission of creating a food-secure community."

The Feed the Future program provides food weekly to 400 students at Columbine Elementary School, in Longmont. Columbine was chosen as a pilot school for the program, based on the level of financial need among its student population. The school has the highest rate (85 percent) of student enrollment in the St. Vrain School District's free- and reduced-cost lunch program.

Student participation in the Feed the Future program is based on attendance at school. Each Friday, students who had perfect attendance, or an excused absence that week pick up a 5- to 6-lb. bag of groceries to take home to their family. While the intent of the program was to ensure students had at least one balanced meal over the weekend, the program has brought about additional benefits, including improved attendance and performance in school.

Since the program began, in October 2002, overall attendance at Columbine has increased significantly, now remaining steady at 98 to 99 percent, said Columbine Principal Brett Dobney. "The Feed the Future program has been great for our students and families. The students are excited about coming to school. And they're proud to receive their bag to take home to their family."

Community Food Share is now working with both the St. Vrain and Boulder Valley School Districts to expand this program into additional schools that meet the program's criteria.

"As a technology company and a corporate citizen in the community, Seagate places a high priority on education-based programs, especially those that focus on math and science," said Dave Mosley, vice president of product development. "But we also realize that certain basic needs must be met before a child can fully take advantage of such programs. Well-balanced meals-at home, as well as at school-are one of those basic needs. And we applaud Community Food Share for its efforts to fill that need, giving these students a chance to reach their full academic potential."

Seagate's donation of $2,500 to the Elder Share program will help supplement the food budgets of more than 800 low-income seniors and disabled residents over 50 in the Boulder and Broomfield counties. Twice a month, Elder Share members receive bags of groceries that typically include fresh produce, canned food, rice, pasta, cereal, bread and juice. More than 60 percent of Elder Share members are homebound, and their food is delivered directly to them by Community Food Share volunteers. "This is a very labor-intensive program," said Tedeschi, "requiring one paid coordinator and more than 100 volunteers."

Elder Share also provides pet food, through a program called "Animeals." Community Food Share recognizes that pets are very important to seniors and disabled individuals who live alone, said Tedeschi. "The Elder Share Animeals helps them afford to keep these beloved companions."

"The Elder Share program is close to the hearts of many of us at Seagate," said Mosley. "Anyone who has an aging parent or disabled relative who is struggling to keep his or her independence knows the value of a program like Elder Share. We're extremely pleased to play a role in Community Food Share's support of our seniors."

About Community Food Share:
Community Food Share fulfills the most basic of human needs, supplying food to underserved populations in need, with direct service initiatives such as Feed the Future, Feeding Families, Mobile Pantry, Elder Share, Personal Investment Enterprise and Emergency Food Box. CFS is committed to ensuring a food-secure community. For more information, visit

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