Mar 03, 2003

Seagate Donation Connects Community Through Yukon Save Program

OKLAHOMA CITY - Yukon students and residents alike are benefiting from a recent Seagate donation of computers and other office items to the Yukon Police Department. The Company donated desktop and laptop computer systems, filing cabinets, desks, chairs, bookcases and other office furniture to aid the department's outreach programs both in the schools and in the community.

The majority of Seagate's donation will be used for the department's Student Anti-Violence Education (SAVE) Program, headquartered at Yukon's Lakeview Middle School. The SAVE program provides middle and high school age kids positive alternatives to help them deal with peer pressure, self esteem issues and negative influences. It also offers safety education.

Yukon Police Officer Pete Davola, who teaches the 15-week SAVE curriculum to more than 2,000 students, said Seagate's donation will "fill a lot of needs within the program."

"SAVE is a self-sustaining program," said Davola, "so our lack of equipment and hard drive space, as well as security issues, have limited our outreach to the community. Thanks to Seagate's donation there are so many things we can now do that we weren't even able to plan for previously. The results of Seagate's generosity will benefit the community for many years to come."

Davola said the donated computers will enhance his ability to teach the SAVE course by improving presentations and creating documents. Since the program is housed in one of the school's smaller rooms, the office furniture will be used to set up a more efficient office space.

Davola said Seagate's contribution will also make a noticeable impact on the SAVE Association, an extra-curricular student involvement club developed under SAVE.

"The SAVE students have wanted to produce an online school web cast for some time, but we just didn't have the resources," he said. "Now we can use the donated computers to begin the process."

Davola anticipates Yukon students will be able to see the new web cast by next school year. With the student's help Davola also plans to create electronic databases for community support projects.

"The SAVE Association members manually process more than 3,000 fingerprints and identification cards at safety fairs each year," Davola said. "With Seagate's donation, we'll now be able to process all of this and other safety information by computer."

Davola added that SAVE members used the new computers to create a senior outreach database. They used the database to check on the safety of 400 senior citizens when an ice storm hit last January.

"This would not have been an easy process without the new database," said Davola.

The remaining portion of Seagate's donation went to the Yukon Police's Headquarters and Training Center. The computers at these locations are used by the police department's community groups such as TRIAD seniors, SAVE kids and the Citizens Police Academy.

CUTLINE: Yukon Police Officer Pete Davola watches as Lakeview Middle School students and SAVE Association members Brandon Jeter, 8th grade, and Tori Todt, 7th grade try out some computers donated by Seagate. The computers will be used for in-house projects and community events such as safety fairs.

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