Oct 05, 1999

Seagate Enters Into Joint Development Ageement with Axis Communications

- Seagate Technology, Inc. (NYSE:SEG) and Axis Communications, Inc. today announced a joint partnership agreement to develop advanced network storage technologies. Innovations resulting from this collaboration will enable sophisticated communications and information management capabilities in disc drives. The agreement builds upon previous collaborative work to embed Jini™ technology into disc drives and could impact many emerging segments of the Intelligent Storage Products marketplace.

"Enhancing the capabilities of disc drives-making them a higher value-add element to a network-has been a long-term Seagate strategy. Axis Communications is an important partner in this effort because of their unique strengths and experiences in the network appliance marketplace," said Valerie Negler, Seagate's vice president, Internet Solutions Group. "We can leverage their network expertise and embedded chip designs to deliver more intelligent, efficient, and cost-effective storage devices."

"Seagate has an outstanding ability to quickly deliver leading-edge storage products to its customers, not to mention an enormous pool of internal technological capabilities," said Bengt Christensson, Chief Technology Officer for Axis Communications. "Additionally, Seagate offers the broadest line of storage products that touch a wide range of key OEM and distribution partners. It is clear that Seagate is ideally positioned to drive the emerging revolution in Intelligent Storage Products, making the company an ideal partner for Axis Communications."

Seagate is working closely with its top OEM partners in applying new technologies, like those it expects to develop with Axis, into future storage appliances and systems.

About Axis Communications
Axis Communications is a leader in the fast-growing industry of network-attached peripherals. The company designs and manufactures network-attached storage devices, Compact Disc (CD)/Digital Video Disk (DVD) access servers, scan servers, Web camera servers and print servers based on its ThinServer™ technology. These web-enabled products provide users a cost-effective means to access data and applications, with outstanding performance and ease-of-use.

Founded in 1984, Axis Communications employs 300 people worldwide. Axis has its headquarters in Lund, Sweden and offices in the United States, Asia and Europe.


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