Aug 07, 1995

Seagate Enters Strategic Partnership with Verity, Inc.

Seagate Technology, Inc. (NYSE: SEG) today announced that it has established a strategic partnership with Verity, Inc., a Mountain View, California-based software developer, to integrate Verity's popular Topic search and retrieval technology into Crystal's new workgroup decision support application, Crystal Info. In conjunction with this partnership, Seagate has also taken an approximate five percent equity position in Verity, Inc. The terms of the investment were not disclosed.

The data acquisition software integrated into Crystal Info will be based on Verity's Topic Developer's Toolkit. Operating on both Windows- and Macintosh-based systems along with over 23 other platforms, Topic has been established as a leading text search and retrieval engine for a broad range of operating environments, ranging from workstations and minicomputers to desktop personal computers. The Topic engine provides users with a variety of options for submitting search queries, ranging from simple combinations of keywords and Boolean operators to more advanced concept-based topics--hierarchical queries which can be shared and re-used throughout the organization. Topic returns results as a list of documents, sorted by relevance to the information requested, connecting users quickly with the right information.

"As the volume of data stored, accessed, and transferred across information systems worldwide continues to expand, so grows the need for tools to effectively search and locate specific segments and subsets of data," said Steve Luczo, Seagate's executive vice president of Corporate Development and chief operating officer of Seagate's Software Group. "Verity's leading-edge Topic search engine efficiently serves such a function with minimal user interaction. Through Seagate's relationship with Verity, Crystal is able to better leverage Crystal Info's ease-of-use and flexibility with one of the most effective and fastest search engines available today."

"We are extremely pleased at the interest of Seagate and Crystal in Verity," said Philippe Courtot, president and chief executive officer of Verity, Inc. "Seagate's software strategy is bearing fruit, well executed and complementary to Verity's focus on information retrieval and publishing across the enterprise and Internet. With Crystal Info, we have an opportunity to support a leading application developer expand their product reach to combine access to structured SQL data with unstructured textual data in a single integrated application."

Crystal's new workgroup decision support product, Crystal Info, will enable structured data access and reporting from relational databases. With Verity's technology seamlessly integrated into Crystal Info, users will be able to quickly and accurately find information residing in word processing files, e-mail messages and all other unstructured data stored on corporate LANs.

"Given that the majority of corporate data is unstructured," said Terry Cunningham, chief executive officer of Crystal, "this combination of advanced querying and reporting with search and retrieval of unstructured data provides a breakthrough in information access for our customers."

Seagate's investment in Verity is part of Seagate's continuing commitment to developing a comprehensive suite of network, storage, and information management software products available to commercial enterprise customers. Over the past eighteen months, Seagate has acquired Crystal Computer Services Inc., Palindrome Corp., Network Computing Inc., NetLabs Inc., Frye Computer Systems Inc., and Creative Interaction Technologies. In addition, Seagate has placed a prior equity investment in Dragon Systems.

Verity Inc. develops and markets information agent products and technologies that make it easier for individuals, workgroups, and enterprises to search, publish, and filter all available information sources to get the personalized, relevant information they need. The company's Topic search engine is used by over 650 corporations worldwide and by hundreds of application developers including Adobe Systems, Lotus Development Corporation and Netscape Communications. Verity can be reached on the World Wide Web at or by calling 415/960-7600.

Seagate Technology, Inc. is a data technology company that provides products for storing, managing and accessing digital information on the world's computer and data communications systems. Seagate, at more than $4.5 billion in revenue for its fiscal year ended June 30, 1995, is the largest independent disc drive and components company in the world. Seagate's home page address on the World Wide Web is

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