Mar 09, 2004

Seagate Facilitates Smoking Cessation

Seagate is more prepared than ever for tomorrow's No Smoking Day. A concerted effort has been made over the last couple of months to put in place a year-round support system to help Seagate employees at Springtown and Limavady to give up smoking.

Roisin Doherty, Seagate's occupational health nurse at the Springtown facility, is heading up the campaign to help employees through the difficult process of finding the best way to approach the battle to stop smoking.

"Each person has a different reason to want to stop smoking and the first thing to do after deciding you want to give up is to pinpoint those reasons," said Roisin. "For some, it's financial. Research shows that if, for example, you're a twenty a day smoker, you'd save yourself around £1,569 and six weeks of time spent smoking."

"The process itself can be a matter of trial and error to find the best way. For some, a clean break may work best, but for others, the key is to cut down slowly so there's time to mentally adjust to socialising without smoking," she added.

The year-round focus at Seagate on helping employees quit the habit is supported by all levels within the local plants. Having quit smoking three years ago, David Gault, released products director at the Springtown facility, had no qualms in joining Roisin at training sessions in order to host an in-house Smoking Cessation Service. By the end of this week they will have completed the qualification and aim to host a regular on-site support group for people who are either thinking about quitting or currently trying to give up the habit.

Speaking about the activities that will be put in place for No Smoking Day, Roisin says: "The Health Promotion Agency has provided us with an information pack of posters, leaflets and suggestions. One poster lists what you are actually inhaling when you smoke. Like the ads on TV, it uses a shock tactic and hammers home the fact that smoking seriously damages the body."

The activities offered at Seagate on No Smoking Day include: the opportunity for carbon monoxide detecting for the curious to measure its quantity in the body; a display of information and aids to help quit - such as nicotine patches, inhalators and lozenges; and a competition where the entrants recite the best reason to give up smoking and the best way to quit.

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