Jun 22, 1998

Seagate Fibre Channel Cheetahs Drive Performance in Rorke Data's Fibrefest at Apple Headquarters

Leading manufacturers and integrators, representing a large segment of products supporting Fibre Channel storage technology, recently descended on Apple Computer's (Nasdaq: AAPL) Cupertino headquarters to participate in Rorke Data's FibreFest workshop. The forum pushed the limits of Fibre Channel storage technology, demonstrating the capabilities and advantages of Fibre Channel and promoting even greater dialogue between leading Fibre Channel device developers to ensure the highest in future product interoperability. More than 600 Gbytes of storage capacity were brought online during the exhibit, all resting on the Fibre Channel-enabled Cheetah family of disc drives. With 24 Macintosh-based professional audio/video (A/V) workstations demanding top bandwidth from the interface at once, Fibre Channel proved that its performance and scalability was ideal for high-performance storage environments.

"Fibre Channel's 100 Mbyte/second data transfer rates, extended cable lengths, and support for thousands of interconnected devices provide the capabilities needed for many emerging applications," said Phil Detwiler, Seagate's senior vice president of marketing. "These environments range from the ultra high-bandwidth demands of professional audio/video production to storage networking (SN), a key emerging application that helps people better store, access, and manage their information. FibreFest was a great opportunity to test some of the capabilities of Fibre Channel as well as to demonstrate how well suited the interface is for collaborative video editing and other emerging professional A/V networks, all of which reduces editing time and costs for producers and film makers."

"Over the past twelve years, Rorke Data has delivered the innovative, professional A/V tools that have helped transform the film production and post-production industries," said Joe Rorke, executive vice president of Marketing at Rorke Data. "As a top storage subsystem provider to the professional A/V industry, our customers look to us to lead in providing the products that spawn new capabilities, and the Fibre Channel storage interface is just that kind of an innovation. Our sponsorship of FibreFest brought together leaders from all product aspects of the Fibre Channel world -- storage subsystems, drives, broadcast video editing stations, host adapters, and cabling, just to name a few -- and demonstrated that Fibre Channel is becoming the interface-of-choice for the professional A/V community."

Seagate's latest generation Barracuda and Cheetah disc drives are all available with the Fibre Channel-Arbitrated Loop (FC-AL) interface. In 1993, Seagate's Barracuda 4 became the world's first disc drive to ship with FC-AL, and Seagate is also the first company to offer both 10,000-rpm and 7,200-rpm drives with the interface. Rorke Data integrates Seagate's A/V Professional disc drives into the StudioNet-FC Fibre disc arrays, used by major broadcast and film production companies to complete television shows and movies in a timely, cost-effective, and professional manner. Each StudioNet FC is capable of providing 72 Gbytes of storage capacity -- up to five hours of broadcasting or film.

For more information on Rorke Data's next FibreFest, please contact Joe Rorke at 800-328-8147.

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