Jun 20, 2005

Seagate Helps Local Students Engineer Successful Futures

Seagate Technology (NYSE: STX) today announced 10 high-school seniors as winners of a scholarship to attend the engineering colleges of the University of Colorado at Boulder or Colorado State University. Each student was awarded $2,000 for the 2005-2006 school year, as well as a Seagate 300 gigabyte external hard drive.

Seagate awarded the scholarships to students from the St. Vrain Valley and Boulder Valley School Districts, based on the following criteria: grade point average, financial need, community involvement and technical innovation/creativity. Students submitted two essays - one about past school projects or extracurricular activities involving an innovative application of scientific principles, and one describing why they selected the field of engineering. In addition, each had a letter of recommendation from a teacher.

"These are bright and talented young students, and from our perspective, they're quite literally our future," said Seagate's Andy Davis, vice president, design engineering. "To the extent that we can help them realize their educational goals and future career objectives, we are helping our industry - and perhaps our company - secure the next generation of engineers. We wish them the best of luck and look forward to hearing of their accomplishments."

The following are excerpts from essays written by the scholarship recipients. (Also, please see attached photos.)

Farheen Rizvi, Boulder High School

Will attend Colorado University

"All my life I wanted to do one thing: experiment, which is the only solution to my curious mind. The field of engineering is exciting because it always remains in the development stage. I want to be an engineer because I will be able to apply the knowledge of mathematics and science to create something new that would benefit society."

Matthew Menhennett, Monarch High School

Will attend Colorado State University

"Ever since I built my first Pine Wood Derby car in Boy Scouts I have always tried to figure out how to make whatever it is that I am working on function better than originally planned. Both my father and grandfather graduated from CSU as engineers, but I guess the main thing that has always pulled me towards engineering is the constant desire to want to know how things work, and the hands-on experience it provides."

Nikki Kilbride, Fairview High School

Will attend Colorado University

"I remember when I was young, I would refuse to play with dolls or do finger painting; instead, I would play with blocks, building large structures and creating math problems out of words. Engineering is my passion because it is mathematical, yet still creative. I'm greatly looking forward to becoming a mechanical engineer."

Nicholas Judson, Longmont High School

Will attend Colorado State University

"As a child I saw my grandpa, a television repairman, take our broken electronics, disassemble them, find the problem, and fix it. That always amazed me, and I wanted to be able to do that. When I got into high school and had the opportunity to take AP Computer Science, I had the power to create simulations of the real world and began to realize that those word problems held a direct relationship to the real world. I want to solve real-life problems. I want to be an engineer."

Kristen Anderson, Niwot High School

Will attend Colorado University

"What sparked my interest for engineering was my father. He would take me to his work sometimes and show me simulators he was working on, and he had a passion for his job. Someday I want to be in a career where I will make a difference and have a passion for what I do, and engineering is just where I want to do this because of my love for math and science."

Joshua Gabler, Skyline High School

Will attend Colorado State University

"Ultimately my decision to pursue a degree in engineering came down to my passion. I love to construct things and figure out problems. In my math class I was always the person known for not just accepting a given equation. I had to prove it to myself, break it apart to see why it worked. I do not know the exact field of engineering that I intend to study, but I know that my education will take me where I want to go."

Yulia Kushner, Fairview High School

Will attend Colorado University

"I am interested in advancing the world in a better direction. My passion is for physics, which is why I chose the field of engineering in physics. It's challenging, exciting and most importantly, it is very interesting. I enjoy classes that push and inspire me to be a better person, to make the world a better place."

Markus Lutz, Fairview High School

Will attend Colorado State University

"I have found a passion in the automotive field. My passion for cars runs very deep and I hope to deepen it at college by learning how the parts are built and why. I want to go into the mechanical engineering field and graduate to later go onto the Motor Sport Engineering School at CSU."

Christopher Weigel, Niwot High School

Will attend Colorado University

"My father is a computer scientist, my sister is a chemical engineer, and a close friend is an electrical engineer, so I've been exposed to an amazing amount of engineering. Given the opportunity, I'd like to work for an engineering firm in the future, and so am planning on gearing my college education towards that goal."

Brooke Podhajsky, Niwot High School

Will attend Colorado State University

"I've always liked math. It's been my best, and favorite, subject for as long as I can remember. I also enjoy science and technology, so engineering sounded like something I would really enjoy. When I really got serious about it, I started to see all of the great opportunities there are in the field, especially for women, and I can't wait to get out there and seize those opportunities."

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