Dec 09, 2003

Seagate Holds Established Lead In Serial ATA Market Share With Industry's Only Native Technology

Seagate Technology (NYSE: STX) announced it has shipped more than 1.5 million Serial ATA (SATA) hard drives - more than twice the number of its nearest competitor, according to analysts - confirming its Barracuda SATA drive family as the most popular and widely-adopted SATA disc drive in the world. Seagate SATA drives have been adopted by all the top ten global OEMs. Seagate still offers the only native SATA hard drive technology on the market, with no PATA-to-SATA translator bridge chip that can reduce performance or limit native features. Only Seagate's native SATA architecture is capable of supporting native command queuing (NCQ) and staggered spin-up, both critical features to new entry-server and network bulk storage applications. And as the leading developer of SATA technology, Seagate is well positioned to deploy next-generation SATA II features.

"Seagate has shipped more than twice as many SATA units as the nearest competitor, and is today's leader in desktop SATA technology and customer adoption. Seagate is still the only hard drive maker shipping native SATA technology and is well-positioned with those who are implementing SATA," said Dave Reinsel, IDC research manager. "Seagate's continued investment in research and development helps the Company to solidify and grow its market share."

"Seagate has developed the only native SATA technology capable of supporting implementation of advanced SATA functions like NCQ that will be crucial to high-end workstations and new entry-server applications," said John Donovan, Vice President of leading market research firm TrendFOCUS. "Seagate led industry efforts to develop SATA, was first to bring it to market, and maintains its unique technology advantage, all of which has been reflected in the Company's leading market share."

"Seagate has been a leader in defining and deploying Serial ATA technology," said Knut Grimsrud, Serial ATA II Working Group chairman and Intel senior principal engineer. "With native implementations, the new capabilities of Serial ATA and its extensions in Serial ATA II can be fully realized and provide consumers with the best value in mainstream PCs and low-end server applications."

Intel and Seagate describe the benefits of SATA NCQ in "Serial ATA Native Command Queuing: An Exciting New Performance Feature for Serial ATA," available here:

Seagate shipped the world's first SATA hard drives in November 2002, five months before any competitor. Today's Seagate Barracuda 7200.7 SATA hard drives are ideal for mainstream and high-performance PCs, engineering workstations, home entertainment PCs, near-line storage applications, Network-Attached Storage (NAS), and entry-level ATA servers. Serial ATA is a faster, simpler, more intelligent interface technology designed to replace the Parallel ATA interface standard.

Seagate is the worldwide leader in the design, manufacturing and marketing of hard disc drives, providing products for a wide range of Enterprise, PC, Notebook and Consumer Electronics applications. The Company is committed to delivering award-winning products, customer support and reliability, to meet the world's growing demand for information storage. Seagate can be found around the globe and at

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