Mar 23, 2006

Seagate Hosts Appreciation Dinner for Thousands of Penang Employees; Top Singer Joins the Festivities

PENANG, Malaysia - Seagate Technology (NYSE:STX), the world's leading hard drive manufacturer, hosted an employee-appreciation dinner on 15 March for more than 3,000 of its Penang employees at the Penang International Sports Arena.

"This celebration is an opportunity for Seagate's management to recognize and appreciate the phenomenal team that Penang Seagate has," said Jim Chirico, executive vice president of Seagate Global Disc Storage Operations.

"Penang's role as a slider launch site is a recognition of our employees' technical strength as well as their leadership," Chirico added. "They have increased production by more than 50 percent without missing a beat. This is not an easy feat, and yet Penang's team has managed to meet this target without compromising on quality."

Chirico and five other Seagate executives traveled from Singapore to attend the event and participate in its activities.

Oh Kean Cheong, Seagate's vice president of Penang Seagate Industries, said the company has established a culture where solving manufacturing problems isn't just the responsibility of engineers or senior managers, but includes operators, maintenance technicians and others on the factory floor.

"For example, 40 teams completed quality-improvement projects at Penang in fiscal year 2005, saving the company nearly $2 million," he said.

"Our employees, working together, have helped us achieve better yields, which results in improved quality and reliability for our customers," added Oh, "and that helps Seagate gain market share and increase profits in a highly competitive market. The expansion of Penang Seagate's building is proof of how rapidly we are moving to meet market demands for our technology and products."

"Tonight is the time for us to relax a little, enjoy our past achievements and look forward to building an even better future together," Oh added.

The dinners included several activities, such as games and lucky draws. Highlights of the evening included a "Seagate Idol Search" and a performance by one of Malaysia's top singers, Siti Norhaliza.

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