Jun 18, 2001

Seagate Introduces Diskstor®: its First USB Hard Drive Solution for Personal, External Storage

Seagate Removable Storage Solutions LLC (RSS), a leading manufacturer of removable storage products, today unveiled DiskStor, a new USB external hard drive solution. DiskStor comes ready to use, complete with full-featured ACDSee™ digital photo management software and Datakeeper™ data management software for secure, on-the-fly protection of important files and programs. With 20- and 40-Gbyte formatted capacities, and powered by award-winning Seagate hard drives, DiskStor gives users dependable added data storage without having to open their computers. With its own vertical-mounting base, DiskStor is a fast and easy way to add personal, external storage to your Windows™-based desktop, notebook or server with USB connectivity.

"The need for portability of increasingly large personal data files continues to grow at unprecedented rates. DiskStor offers an affordable, portable storage solution for accessing and sharing important storage-intensive files, programs, photos, music, videos and more," said Bob Hawkins, director of product line management at Seagate RSS. "Through an easy attachment to any USB 1.1 port, DiskStor lets users move, store, secure, access and share personal data effortlessly with the reliability that is synonymous with the Seagate name."

Seagate RSS offers two solutions, the DiskStor 20 (STH6201U-R) with up to 20 Gbytes of storage and the DiskStor 40 (STH6401U-R) with up to 40 Gbytes. In addition to these products for the Americas, there are models with special power accessories available for Europe and Asia Pacific. U.S. list prices for these products are $269 for the DiskStor 20 and $349 for the DiskStor 40.

DiskStor features include:
• A Seagate® formatted 20- or 40- Gbyte hard drive with a sustained data transfer rate up to 12 Mbits/sec.
• Two full-featured Windows-compatible software applications for data management and digital photos/images viewing and editing. Datakeeper data management software by PowerQuest® supports automated saves on-the-fly of files and programs, and ACDSee digital photo management software by ACD Systems provides fast picture viewing plus photo enhancement and editing capabilities.
• Vertical mounting base and Hard Drive USB Resource CD, which includes the application software, drivers and the multi-language product manual.
• Tested and certified compatible with the USB 1.1 specification and compatible with Windows 98, 2000 Professional and Millennium (Me)-based desktops, notebooks or servers with USB connectivity.
• Seagate RSS's two-year limited warranty.

Seagate RSS's DiskStor personal, external hard drive solutions are available worldwide through resellers, VARs, and authorized distributors. For more information on DiskStor go to http://buytape.seagate.com/diskstor.

For more information on RSS tape drives, data cartridges and accessories, customers in the U.S. can call Sales Support at 1-800-626-6637 or 714-641-2500 or check Seagate's website at http://www.seagate.com. In the United States, RSS products are available for purchase on the Internet at http://buytape.seagate.com.

Seagate Removable Storage Solutions (RSS)- DiskStor, DDS, Travan and Ultrium LTO
With more than 10 million tape drives installed, Seagate Removable Storage Solutions LLC (RSS) is a market leader in tape backup products and data protection solutions. Seagate RSS produces an extensive range of products designed to meet the backup and personal external storage needs of virtually every platform from notebooks, PCs and Macintosh to enterprise servers.

Seagate RSS's DiskStor™ is a personal, external HDD storage solution for USB-capable, Windows-based systems and features 20- and 40 Gbytes of external storage. Seagate RSS's Scorpion® Digital Data Storage (DDS) drives and autoloaders, with compressed capacities of up to 240 Gbytes, are designed for a wide range of system platforms from high-performance workstations and large PC servers up to midrange servers. To meet the backup requirements of users with workstations and small PC servers, Seagate RSS's Hornet® Travan drives provide compressed capacities of up to 20 Gbytes. Seagate RSS also offers TapeStor® Travan tape drives ,and TapeStor DAT bundled solutions that include backup software, media and accessories. Seagate RSS provides branded data cartridges for all of the tape drives it markets.

Seagate, along with fellow technology providers Hewlett-Packard and IBM, created Linear Tape-Open, or LTO, technology, as a new powerful, scaleable, open tape format to meet the growing demands of data protection in midrange to enterprise-class server environments. Viper® is the Seagate RSS product family based on LTO technology's Ultrium format. It includes the award-winning Viper® 200 tape drive, engineered as a best-in-class drive with the highest announced data transfer rate of up to 115.2 Gbytes per hour (compressed) and a compressed per-cartridge capacity of up to 200 Gbytes; Ultrium-format data cartridges; and Viper® 2000 autoloader.

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