Apr 21, 1997

Seagate Introduces New Marathon 2130SL Disc Drive for Mobile Computers

Seagate Technology, Inc. (NYSE:SEG) today announced the newest addition to its MarathonTM line of 2.5-inch hard disc drives for mobile computers. Offering a substantial 2.1 Gbytes of capacity in a slimline package, the Marathon 2130sl (ST92130AG) is an excellent solution for users who want desktop performance and capacity in a portable computer. The thin and durable 12.5 mm form factor is ideally suited for the new wave of lightweight, ultra-portable notebook computers designed for the convenience and functionality demands of business travelers.

"As more and more users gravitate toward the versatility of portable computers, it becomes increasingly important for Seagate to extend features of its desktop drives into its 2.5-inch form factor drives," said Phil Detwiler, senior vice president of Marketing. "The Marathon 2130sl offers capacity and performance on a par with many desktop systems, enabling users to manipulate digital photographs, utilize 3D color graphics, and create interactive sound and video-rich multimedia presentations."

Providing a quick 12-millisecond seek, 4,500-rpm spindle speed, and internal transfer rate of up to 71.3 Mbits/second, the Marathon 2130sl is well equipped to handle the performance requirements of today's advances in personal computing, including MMXTM. MMX speeds the processing of multimedia data, including digital images, stereo sound, and video. The Marathon 2130sl utilizes Seagate's own magnetoresistive (MR) heads to achieve higher areal density and glass media for greater resistance to nonoperational shock.

Leveraged from a third-generation platform of proven components, the Marathon 2130sl is built with design features of great significance to users computing in a mobile environment.

The Marathon 2130sl's advanced power management and efficient circuit control features extend battery life beyond other drives in its class, enabling users to compute for longer periods of time between battery charges.

Seagates patented SafeRiteTM shock sensor technology protects data against operational shocks of up to 125 Gs. If the drive experiences a shock greater than 10 Gs, the write circuit shuts off, preventing overwrite of adjacent data tracks. The Marathon 2130sl also utilizes revamped shock limitors and a reinforced base casting to protect data in the nonoperational mode. To ensure data reliability against heat generated by the introduction of faster processors, Seagate has extended the operating temperature of the Marathon 2130sl by 10% to 60C.

Seagate-designed motors, enhanced bearings, and a rigid exterior enclosure help minimize sound to an industry-leading 24 dBA acoustic level.

Seagate is also introducing a second product offering in the Marathon 2130sl family: the Marathon 1420sl (ST91420AG), with 1.4 Gbytes of capacity. Both drives specify a Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) rating of 350,000 hours, which reflects a 14% gain over previous generations of drives. The Marathon 2130sl and Marathon 1420sl come with a standard three-year limited warranty and are scheduled for production this calendar quarter.

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