Jun 05, 2000

Seagate Introduces U Series 5--The Industry's Fastest, Quietest Disc Drive for Volume PC Systems and Consumer Recording Devices

Seagate Technology,Inc. (NYSE:SEG) today unveiled the U Series 5 disc drive family, the fifth generation of the most popular disc drive in history, designed specifically for use in consumer electronics, Internet appliances, volume PCs and terminal-based environments. Featuring its exclusive "sound barrier technology" (SBT), Seagate's U Series 5 is the world's quietest and fastest hard drive for mainstream desktop computers and Personal Video Recorders. As the newest generation of the best-selling U Series family, the U Series 5 offers up to 40 Gbytes on just two platters and the industry's best combination of acoustics, reliability, and 5400-rpm performance, adding up to best-in-class value.

"Seagate's U Series 5 meets our customers' needs with technology no competitive product can beat," said Seagate CEO Steve Luczo. "Seagate's Consumer Electronics customers want less noise and more capacity. With our 'sound barrier technology,' U Series 5 is the quietest on the market and can support 60 hours of TV-quality video. CE makers also depend on Seagate's unparalleled combination of development services to help them design and build tomorrow's entertainment devices.

"For commercial PC customers, the network is everything," Luczo continued. "Corporate PCs are all networked, so they're looking for high value and high performance. The U Series 5 delivers 40 Gbytes at a remarkable price, and runs faster than anything in this market." Consumer PC users want simplicity above all - they need enough capacity to last the life of their PC, and top reliability so they'll never need to open the PC case. Seagate's 3D Defense System is the industry's most complete data protection system and ensures the U Series 5 is the most reliable drive in the world.

"PC applications and operating systems continue to be designed with increased system performance in mind, and Seagate's U Series performance specifications such as throughput and spindle speed continue to meet these challenges," said Charlie Sander, senior vice president, Personal Storage. "Multitasking applications, transfering files, and running multimedia all require the kind of performance that U Series 5 is designed to deliver. Seagate expects the U Series 5 to build upon the tremendous success of the U Series family as it offers a very strong combination of performance, value and reliability."

Optimized for CE Market
The U Series 5 is now available in a unique consumer electronics configuration: the U Series 5 AV. Optimized for consumer electronics applications, the U Series 5 AV ships with Seagate's SeaStream enabled for superior A/V streaming, quiet data seeks and reduced power use. SeaStream lets users record and playback up to four simultaneous streams of video. U Series 5 AV also reduces acoustic sound power levels to an unprecedented 2.7 bels. In PC mode, U Series 5 offers an industry-leading sound power level of 2.9 bels.

Seagate's exclusive SBT is a set of features that optimizes disc drives for quiet operation. With U Series 5, for the first time, SBT lets PC makers, system integrators and even end users select acoustics and performance profiles that tell a disc drive to perform in quiet mode for home entertainment applications, or to deliver faster seeks for business applications where data must be gathered quickly from various sectors on the disc drive. Sound emissions can now be customized to meet the specific needs of home and office environments. SBT also provides resonance reduction and other mechanical design optimizations, reducing drive idle and seek noise emissions. SBT's designed-in dampers and Seagate's exclusive SeaShield provide additional noise reduction for both idle and seek modes.

Faster than any other drive in its class, the U Series 5 features a best-in-class 1-Mbyte cache, industry-standard 5,400-rpm spindle speed for an internal transfer rate exceeding 41 Mbytes per second and the Ultra ATA/100 interface. With available capacities of up to 40 Gbytes, U Series 5 features Seagate's high-performance ATA chip architecture for instantaneous cache response.

Seagate's U Series 5 continues to lead the field in reliability with Seagate's 3D Defense System, including SeaTools, SeaShell, SeaShield and G-Force Protection. The drive is the first in the industry to support Enhanced DST, the new standards-based drive self test technology developed by Seagate to enable quicker, more accurate disc drive diagnosis. Unique advantages, such as the SeaShield and SeaShell, protect the drive from accidental damage that may occur during the integration process. SeaShell replaces the ESD bag with a clear, recyclable clamshell package that protects the drive from 1000+ Gs of nonoperating shock, resists ESD and simplifies barcode scanning. SeaTools software helps the end-user diagnose problems and determine whether they are drive-, hardware-, or file system- related, helping customers to quickly and intuitively find solutions to system issues.

Ensuring ease of use and fast installation, U Series 5 will also ship with DiscWizard, hailed as the best disc installation software by PC World for the past three years in a row.

The U Series is the biggest success story in disc drive history with over 27 million sold. Ten of the top 11 PC makers choose U Series drives, and it is far and away the leader in consumer electronics storage, with over 200,000 sold for use in Personal Video Recorders. Seagate is the world's leading supplier of disc drives for desktop PCs, Personal Video Recorders and consumer electronics, and was the first to recognize an emerging low-cost market with its initial U Series drive introduced in June 1998. The U Series 5 enters volume production next month.

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