Apr 24, 2000

Seagate Launches Online Store for Tape Backup Products

Seagate Technology, Inc. (NYSE:SEG), a leading manufacturer of computer tape drive products, today announced that it has launched buytape.seagate.com, an interactive online store for Seagate tape drive supplies. Developed in conjunction with BuyNow.com, buytape.seagate.com is an interactive online, one-stop shopping solution and is available to resellers, end users and IT managers in the U.S. at http://buytape.seagate.com.

"Buytape.seagate.com is a convenient, online resource where our U.S. customers can purchase approved Seagate supplies for their Seagate tape drives," said Kevin Perry, executive director of marketing and business development, Seagate Removable Storage Solutions. "Now that Seagate tape backup supplies are available at just a click of a mouse, our customers can resolve all of their storage needs with the peace of mind of buying directly from the manufacturer."

Buytape.seagate.com combines user-friendly navigation and seamless integration with Seagate's web site, www.seagate.com, and offers digital coupons, dedicated phone and email support and robust shopping-cart technology. Customers can purchase Seagate products ranging from Seagate data cartridges and tape drive accessories to the award-winning TapeStor Travan and DAT value bundle solutions.

"Seagate has shipped more than 10 million tape drives, and these drives demand reliable, high-performance media to protect, backup and restore the valuable data our customers rely on every day," said Perry. "Seagate's high-quality data cartridges strive to exceed industry standards for reliability and data integrity, so that the combination of Seagate tape drives and data cartridges offers our customers a robust, reliable backup solution."

"BuyNow.com developed the buytape.seagate.com site for Seagate because today's users prefer the convenience and ease-of-use of shopping online directly from the manufacturer," said Roger Andelin, president of BuyNow.com. "BuyNow.com builds e-commerce solutions for some of the most recognizable names in the high-tech industry, and Seagate is certainly a leader on that list. We are pleased to be working with Seagate on this important initiative."

For more information on Seagate tape drives and accessories, customers can call 1-800-626-6637 or 714-641-2500.

About BuyNow.com
BuyNow.com was founded in 1998, and is a product of ThinkTank, an Aliso Viejo, California-based Internet incubator. BuyNow.com provides e-commerce infrastructure services, including site development and hosting, marketing services, sales support, order processing and tracking, payment processing, and fulfillment. BuyNow.com offers all of these services bundled into a single, comprehensive service to clients.

Seagate Tape Drives - Travan, DDS and LTO
With more than 10 million tape drives installed, Seagate is a market leader in tape backup solutions. Seagate produces an extensive range of products designed to meet the backup needs of virtually every platform from high-performance workstations to midrange servers. To meet the backup requirements of small servers and NT workstations, Seagate's Hornet® Travan drives have capacities of up to 20 Gbytes. Scorpion® Digital Audio Tape (DAT) drives and autoloaders with capacities of up to 240 Gbytes are suited for a wide range of platforms including large PC servers and Unix workstations. The Company also offers TapeStor Travan and TapeStor DAT bundled solutions that include backup software, media and other accessories.

Seagate, along with fellow technology providers Hewlett-Packard and IBM, created Linear Tape-Open, or LTO, technology, a new powerful, scaleable, open tape architecture that will meet the growing storage demands of midrange to enterprise-class servers with up to 200 Gbytes of data per cartridge.

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