Apr 27, 1998

Seagate Leverages Leadership in Interface Technology - Ships Over 125,000 ULTRA2 SCSI Drives to Date

Seagate Technology, Inc. (NYSE: SEG), a leading developer and integrator of new disc drive interface technologies, has now shipped over 125,000 Ultra2 SCSI LVD disc drives for use in servers, workstations, arrays and personal computers. This achievement demonstrates that Seagate, who became the first manufacturer to begin volume shipments of Ultra2 SCSI disc drives in December 1997, is a leading supplier for industry-leading OEMs, distributors, VARs and resellers looking to maximize the capabilities and performance of their storage systems. Both Seagate's award-winning Barracuda and Cheetah families of disc drives contributed to the achievement of this milestone.

"Our customers have consistently looked to Seagate as a source for development and implementation of key storage technologies that transform and enhance the way people store, access and manage information," said Phil Detwiler, Seagate's senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing. "Seagate's leadership in Ultra2 SCSI technology, now integrated in two highly-respected product families -- the 10,000-rpm Cheetah series and the 7,200-rpm Barracuda series -- enables customers to access information up to twice as fast as previous parallel SCSI drives, connect directly with up to 16 devices using 12 meters of cable, and enjoy greater data integrity with low-voltage differential (LVD) technology."

"Ultra2 SCSI is a key enabling technology that significantly lends itself to the increasing capabilities and performance of workstations, servers and storage subsystems," said Mark Geenen, president of TrendFOCUS. "As a leading manufacturer of high-performance disc drives, it comes as no surprise that Seagate would be one of the first to offer such a high magnitude of Ultra2 SCSI disc drive shipments in such a short time. The greater availability of Ultra2 SCSI drives bodes well for the marketplace, which benefits from the enhanced performance, reliability and scalability features of the interface."

Seagate's Cheetah 9LP, Cheetah 18, Barracuda 9LP and Barracuda 18 all fully support Ultra2 SCSI LVD technology, providing users with both wide connector and single connector attachment (SCA) options. Along with data throughput topping at 80 Mbytes/second, customers also benefit from high sustained data transfer rates with the Cheetah -- up to 21.4 Mbytes/second -- and Barracuda -- up to 17 Mbytes/second. The Cheetah 9LP also offers the world's fastest seek time for a 3.5" low-profile drive -- 5.2 msec -- up to 30% faster than other competitors' current Ultra2 SCSI product offerings.

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