Aug 26, 2004

Seagate Named Hard Disc Drive Champ in Vietnam for the 5th Time, Teams up with Lading PC Manufacturer to Deliver Affordable PCs in Vietnam

In support of the national program, 'Thanh Giong,' which will bring the benefits of PC ownership to Vietnamese consumers and business people across the country, Seagate Technology (NYSE:STX) today announced its tie-up with FPT ELEAD to deliver best-in-class IT products featuring Seagate disc drives. FPT ELEAD is one of Vietnam's major computer manufacturers, targeting business and IT computer users, government organizations and the Education sector.

This is the second local OEM relationship Seagate has announced in Vietnam. In May 2004 the company announced its tie-up with CMS to serve the growing Vietnamese IT market.

'Thanh Giong" supports the Vietnamese government's Youth Digital Literacy initiative that aims to increase PC ownership and Internet literacy among the estimated 20 million young people here and help transform Vietnam into a knowledge-based society. With government initiatives in place to support IT development in Vietnam, the Seagate-FPT ELEAD relationship could play an important role in fuelling the growth of the local IT industry and offers mutual business opportunities for the two companies. Going forward, FPT ELEAD and Seagate will be working closely in product development and testing and advanced-technology implementation to deliver cutting edge products to the Vietnamese IT market.

In a recent readership poll conducted by PC World Vietnam to determine the Best IT Products in 2004, Vietnamese users named Seagate as their preferred vendor of choice for the Hard Disc Drive category. In the same poll, FPT ELEAD was named the preferred vendor for Desktop PCs. The results created history in the Vietnam IT market - it is the first time that Vietnamese-branded PCs have earned the top slot and this is also the first time a hard disc drive manufacturer has garnered the award for 5 consecutive years.

"We are pleased to join with Seagate to realize the significant benefits that 'Thanh Giong' will bring to the people in Vietnam," said Quang Tran, director of FPT ELEAD. "The two companies share similar views on delivering the highest quality and reliability, and a strong commitment to strengthen IT development in Vietnam. The fact that both FPT ELEAD and Seagate have been voted as the vendor of choice for their respective product categories speaks volume about this winner-winner combination and our strategic relationship. We strongly believe this combination will go a long way toward benefiting IT development in Vietnam."

Seagate disc drives are protected by Seagate's exclusive 3D Defense System, the most comprehensive set of protective features to lead the industry in ruggedness and data protection. Seagate is the only independent disc drive manufacturer with the vertical integration capabilities to control the development of components and technology used in its products, as well as owning its manufacturing capabilities. Vertical integration enables Seagate to achieve a cost-effective platform of mechanics and electronics, enabling the proliferation of PC systems that meet the needs of a wide variety of consumers. Seagate's unique design, manufacturing, and customer-focused business processes have made it the number-one hard drive maker for personal computers, consumer electronics and enterprise server systems.

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