Aug 22, 2001

Seagate Names Outstanding Suppliers for FY2001

In recognition of their commitment to develop exceptional business relationships with Seagate in fiscal year 2001, Hutchinson Technology Incorporated, MMI Holdings Limited, STMicroelectronics and Fritz, a UPS Company, were presented today with Seagate's Outstanding Supplier Award.

These global companies represent a broad spectrum of Seagate suppliers ranging from head suspensions, mechanical components and electronic components to global logistics. The common thread among them is their commitment to delivery, quality, flexibility and responsiveness in meeting customer requirements, aligning their operations with Seagate, and success in advancing their technology.

This is Seagate's third annual Suppliers Day, an event that fosters strong communication and alignment of objectives between the Company and its key suppliers. These close working relationships have enabled Seagate to exceed its time-to-volume and delivery to customer-request metrics in a challenging industry environment.

"Since Seagate embarked on its supply chain initiative two years ago, we have developed more strategic relationships with key suppliers worldwide, driving towards greater speed, flexibility and efficiency," said Karl Chicca, Seagate's senior vice president of Global Materials. "Mutually, we have all realized great success and we take this opportunity to recognize and thank our suppliers for their commitment."

Seagate also used the occasion to present its first ever Outstanding Supplier for Six Sigma Award. Seagate embarked on its Six Sigma for Suppliers program to help strategic suppliers transform their processes in line with Six Sigma methodologies. The program will allow suppliers to leverage that methodology to achieve greater efficiency. By sharing Six Sigma implementation, Seagate and its suppliers can 'customize' their relationship with a common language to communicate effectively.

The first Outstanding Supplier Six Sigma Award was presented to Compart Holdings Ltd. Compart is one of Seagate's mechanical component suppliers and has aggressively embraced Six Sigma and propagated the initiative into their culture. Together, Compart and Seagate have completed several projects that have resulted in shared benefits and reinforced the efficiency of the supply chain.

"All the recipients of the awards have distinguished themselves in playing a critical role as Seagate's strategic suppliers," said Karl Chicca. "Our suppliers are an important part of the supply chain and their health affects how we are able to satisfy our customers. In the joint commitment with our suppliers to a common objective of greater efficiency, flexibility, quality and responsiveness, we are positioning Seagate to exceed our customers' expected levels of service and satisfaction."

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