May 31, 2005

Seagate Offers Two Engineering and Management Courses for AIT and KMUTT

BANGKOK, Thailand - Seagate Technology, the world's leading provider of hard disc drives, today announced that in cooperation with two leading universities, the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) and the King Mongkut's University of Technology (KMUTT), the company will continue to offer two courses in engineering and management for students pursuing a Master Degree in engineering.

The two courses, Recording Head Technology and Competitive Manufacturing Leadership and Management, are designed to increase the number of engineering students in Thailand with understanding of the hard disc drive industry.

The Recording Head Technology course, offered at AIT since 1999, is designed to provide Master's students, as well as engineers, academics and government officials interested in the disc drive industry, a true understanding of this core technology in both theoretical and applications-oriented environments.

The course will open for enrollment in the June/July timeframe as a thirty-hour elective course for Master's students majoring in microelectronics. In addition to providing curriculum content, Seagate is providing lecturers from its recording head operations around the world. Disc drive recording head technology is one of the most advanced component technologies in the storage industry. Students who take this course will have the opportunity to learn from industry experts, as well as access local Seagate facilities dedicated to the production of recording heads.

According to Professor Mario Tabucanon, Acting President and Provost of AIT, "Seagate and AIT's long term collaboration in offering technology courses is a key element in providing our students with valuable knowledge and insight into the disc drive industry. Our work with Seagate is part of our mission to provide educational opportunities that enable our students to effectively meet the needs of our evolving job market."

The history of AIT and Seagate collaboration includes seminars, student research projects on disc drive technology and assembly, and student access to Seagate manufacturing and product development facilities.

As the demand for high technology and technical skills increases in Thailand, expertise in these areas of the manufacturing sector has become increasingly important. To remain competitive in challenging economic environments, manufacturing companies are striving to increase productivity, efficiency and quality.

In collaboration with KMUTT, Seagate has coordinated a second course, Competitive Manufacturing Leadership and Management, which is compulsory for the first year of postgraduate engineering students who wish to further their education in the production engineering department. It has been offered at KMUTT since 2003.

The course covers theory and practice in competitive strategy, operational excellence, quality, supply chain, Six Sigma methodologies, Industrial Robotics and Automation, as well as eBusiness, which are all important aspects of manufacturing operations at Seagate.

Dr. Chaiya Damkam, Head of the Production Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering of KMUTT said, "This course is provided under the auspices of the Leader for Manufacturing Competitiveness Program (LMC) which is an alliance between KMUTT, MIT, and leading Thai manufacturing firms. It is a good opportunity for students to learn business strategy and implementation from a world class manufacturing company like Seagate. We also hope to establish further joint projects with Seagate in the future."

The intention of the LMC program is to produce skillful, creative graduate engineers to be future leaders of the manufacturing industry. Along with the theoretical and practical dexterity, the graduate engineers will also have enough management skills to lead and make decisions, which will assist the organization to enhance competitiveness.

Brent Bargmann, Seagate vice president of Thailand Operations who is a lecturer for both courses said, "Since we began operations in Thailand in 1983, we have seen numerous changes in technology and in the way leading technology companies like Seagate manages their business. Through these courses, students will get an understanding of how the industry has evolved, and how to prepare themselves to work in a dynamic industry that will continue to evolve."

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