Apr 22, 2002

Seagate Pilots P2P Supply Chain with Local Suppliers

Seagate Technology announced that it has successfully engaged its Singapore-based small- and medium-sized suppliers in a pilot project leveraging RosettaNet Partner Interface Processes™ (PIPs®) to exchange information on forecasts, shipment and inventory management. By focusing on the diverse needs and requirements of each supplier, this initiative was instrumental in helping partners upgrade their information technology capabilities so that they could take advantage of the Internet to compete in the dynamic and flexible e-commerce arena. This effort provided an opportunity for suppliers to prepare for a state of "readiness" and also helped Seagate to streamline many of its business processes, leading to enhanced supply chain efficiency.

"Seagate works actively with its business partners to leverage greater efficiency of Internet-driven technological changes," said Wong Cheong Phong, Seagate vice president, Asia Pacific IT Operations. "Seagate's solution is easy to deploy, highly scalable and interoperable, and has allowed us to improve the information integration of business processes with our suppliers and customers. The simplified interaction reduces the cost of transacting business, increases our flexibility and improves efficiency for everybody."

"We are honored to be invited to join in the pilot project by Seagate," said Bernard Toh, managing director, Unisteel Technology Ltd. "In a very short period, Unisteel has successfully overcome its limitations around information technology by tapping into Seagate's collaborative effort to involve its trading partners in its pilot project. Working together with Seagate to implement Rosettanet standards, we have gained valuable access to the common language that opens up the lines of communications to a world of opportunities in e-business."

"Without Seagate's P2P system, it would have been impossible for Fritz, as a third party logistics, to meet the turnaround time — from receipt of order to its fulfillment — necessary to maintain the throughput of Seagate's production lines. The pilot program has allowed us to completely eliminate manual data entries to our Order Fulfillment System," said Tony See, Fritz Companies, Inc.'s general manager of South East Asia Regional Information Systems. After the close of the pilot phase, Seagate plans to extend the program to more than half of its current supplier base in Asia by the end of the year.

"We are pleased to see that the spirit of innovation and collaboration has significantly enhanced the operational efficiencies in the electronics B2B supply chain," said Wong Wai Kheong, director of E-Business Transformation at the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA). "IDA strongly supports the adoption of RosettaNet international B2B standards which will transform the local manufacturing supply chain and enhance Singapore's position as a global manufacturing hub."

"Seagate's accomplishments with its trading partners in just six months is a testament of what can be achieved through industry collaboration," said Jennifer Hamilton, CEO of RosettaNet. "On behalf of RosettaNet, I am pleased to recognize Seagate for their demonstrated commitment in driving 2001 program activities in Singapore. As Seagate and others continue to enlarge their scope of implementations, RosettaNet will make great progress in furthering its goal of broad adoption and deployment of open, XML-based standards for supply chain integration."

About RosettaNet
RosettaNet is an independent, non-profit consortium dedicated to the collaborative development and rapid deployment of open Internet-based business standards that align processes within the global high-technology trading network.

More than 400 companies representing over $1 trillion in annual information technology, electronic components and semiconductor manufacturing revenues currently participate in RosettaNet's standards development, strategy and implementation activities. A complete list of member companies and more information on RosettaNet is available at www.rosettanet.org.

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