Nov 08, 2001

Seagate Sets Landmark Disc Drive Areal Density World Record at 100 Gigabits Per Square Inch

Seagate Technology today announced a milestone in data storage technology with a world record-breaking areal density demonstration of more than 100 billion data bits per square inch (100 Gb/in²) using a fully integrated magnetic recording head and multi-layer antiferromagnetic coupled (AFC) disc. Seagate's series of ongoing technology demonstrations will lead to new storage capabilities that can fulfill growing marketplace demands and fuel exciting new applications.

"This milestone significantly surpasses any industry announcement to date," said Tom Porter, Chief Technical Officer at Seagate. "As in all previous Seagate areal density achievements, we have used fully integrated components that are close in design to volume producible devices. This demonstration illustrates that the hard disc drive industry can continue achieving high areal density growth that historically has led to enormous disc drive storage capacities at very low cost. We've clearly mapped the direction for developing disc drives with capacities that are many times higher than those available today."

"One sure way to address the world's increasing demand for storage is by increasing disc drive areal densities," said Dave Reinsel, research manager at IDC. "Areal density is one of the primary drivers of the storage industry enabling lower cost and smaller disc drives that, in turn, support growing enterprise storage requirements and lead to new, creative applications for today's consumer. The consumer segment is set to grow substantially because of disc drive-based devices such as Personal Video Recorders, set top boxes, and Information Appliances for the home."

The achievement means that 125 gigabytes of capacity can be put onto a single 3.5-inch disc drive platter, compared to currently shipping products holding 40 gigabytes per platter. This new level of storage capacity translates into 63 hours of DVD-quality video, over 750,000 mega pixel digital images, or nearly 40,000 songs on a single disc.

Beyond traditional computing needs for storage, many other interesting applications for storage lie ahead in both the near and somewhat distant future. "By continuing to drive greater areal density, we enter new realms of possibility. For example, some day every person in the world will be able to selectively capture and permanently store every word they say and hear via what we refer to as a Personal History Machine," said Dr. Raj Reddy, Professor of Computer Science and Robotics at Carnegie Mellon University. "This device will be something that fits into your shirt pocket, and captures information as it happens. It will allow people to re-experience their past and remember things for themselves and for future family generations. Continuing to increase areal density is an important step in making technologies such as the Personal History Machine an affordable reality."

"Three years ago, when Seagate articulated its new vision for pursuing advanced research and technology development, one of our goals was to achieve significant milestones like the one we are announcing today," said Steve Luczo, Seagate chief executive officer. "This achievement highlights the success of our increased focus and investment in technology, and has resulted in time-to-market products across our entire product line. This accomplishment is a reflection of the extraordinary efforts of our employees throughout the Company."

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