Jul 19, 1999

Seagate Sets New Technology Record--23.8 Billion Bits Per Square Inch

Seagate Technology today announced the achievement of a world-record recording density of 23.8 billion bits per square inch (23.8 Gb/in2), nearly four times that of any hard drive shipping today. This breakthrough comes only five months after the Company's previous record setting 16.3Gb/in2 announcement.

The new record of 23.8 Gb/in2 equates to a storage capacity of almost 32 Gigabytes on a single 3.5 inch disc. This capacity is adequate to store over 22 days of continuous MP3 music files.

The demonstration which employed internally developed advanced GMR recording heads and low noise multilayer thin film media was the result of a team effort by Seagate's Recording Head and Recording Media Operations along with Seagate's Advanced Concepts Lab in Fremont, CA.

"This achievement is especially important because of the extremely high linear bit density demonstrated using conventional longitudinal recording," said Tom Porter, Seagate's Chief Technical Officer. "The whole industry has been concerned about the potential onset of superparamagnetic effects that could slow the rate of data storage capacity growth. The most striking aspect of this demonstration is that conventional disc drive architectures and technologies, combined with Seagate manufacturing processes, were leveraged to much greater areal density capability and substantial data rate."

"As we continue exploring consumer applications for disc-based home entertainment devices, the appetite for capacity seems insatiable," said Bob Teal, Seagate's vice president of Consumer Solutions. "This breakthrough by Seagate's scientists provides the technology to deliver extreme capacities that could store more than a hundred hours of video programming, CD-quality music, and game console software within a single consumer electronics product."

Some key parameters of the demonstration are: a track density of 45,800 tracks per inch, a linear bit density of 520,000 bits per inch, a raw data rate of 159 Mb/s, using a merged, untrimmed GMR read/inductive write head, and a multilayer thin film disc featuring exceptionally narrow magnetic grain size distribution. The head/media separation was 1.1 microinches; the on track error rate was less than 1 error in 10 million bits read.

SEAGATE TECHNOLOGY will disclose additional details of this demonstration on August 10, 1999, at the Magnetic Recording Conference in San Diego, CA.

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